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Thursday, March 4, 2004

I'm going to get a tattoo today and ain't nobody going to stop me.

MOOD: hungryashellbuthappy

BACKGROUND: oldies radio station

My parents screaming is what I hear right now in the back of my head. I've been hearing them a lot lately over things. It's strange how they move away and yet I still hear them every once and a while in the back of my mind saying that I need to shave because I look ugly or that I shouldn't wear that to work because I look like a bum. I love my parents and I will always love them and this is in no way me making fun of them. They just have spent a long amount of time getting under my skin about keeping up appearances whereas I've spent my entire life preaching and promoting being happy with being yourself.

So I'm getting a tattoo today. An Ed Wood tattoo. Since I am the founder and leader and legal Pope of the world's only Ed Wood church, I'm going to get an Ed Wood tattoo that shows off my love and respect and lifetime of adoration for Ed and his meaning right now. In a few hours after I've had some food and a little bit of pro-wrestling pumped into me, I'm going to go down to Back Door Studios here in Sactown and get the holy Woodian cross tattooed on my back for everyone to see with a halo around the cross and the words "ED WOOD SAVES" in a banner above and below the cross. This is what I want. This is me.

And despite what I hear my mother and father screaming in the back of my brain, yes I KNOW that it will be something that I will have to live with for the rest of my life and no I will NOT regret it and I won't eventually get it removed because this cross, this religion, this is what I live for, what I am here on this earth to preach and promote. I fully believe that Ed Wood will save the world one day.

Wish me luck. I'll put some pictures up when it's done and healed.