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Monday, January 9, 2006

Marriage status for the Galindos ...

... I don't mean this as a joke or as an attack against any one person or peoples that I may know. I mean this very seriously ... I am incredibly nervous.

You see, there were a lot of couples that got together at around the same time that Natasha and I got together. And after Natasha and I got married, a quick but heartwarming civil ceremony (plans are under way for a massive Woodian wedding in May 2007) last year, there were a handful of couples that we know that also got married.

And all of those newly married couples seem to be breaking apart at the seams. Almost every day it seems that I keep hearing these incredibly sad stories of couples fighting and running off without saying where and arguing and yelling and going off drinking.

And not only does it weigh my heart down to hear these things. It also makes me nervous as fuck, me, the man with a three and a half month old daughter and a four year old daughter and a wife and a marriage that's almost a year old now. Me, Reverend Steve, been married for a year. Wow. That's amazing. But I'm feeling frightened for my own marriage after constantly seeing and hearing all of these heartbreaking tales of broken marriages.

So I thought I would update everyone on MY marriage status ...

My marriage is just fine. It was rough right after the baby was born. Natasha had postpartum depression and I was frightened and overwhelmed with being a father for the first time - there's a difference between being a daddy to Emerald and a FATHER to Isabela, a difference so big I had no idea. So there was some distance and tension between us for the last three months. And no sex at all. But now things are stabilizing. I'm more confident with Isabela and Natasha's feeling better and happier and less angry with every waking sun.

And we're finally back to having dirty, rough, sweaty, violent, nasty ass sex.

So, just to update everyone, regardless of how the rest of the world's married people seem to be feeling, Natasha and I are just fucking fine. You ask me and I'll tell you straight up, marriage is awesome!



Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear it.

Sorceress Jade said...

That's an awesome picture. Glad you're a happy little family.

Anonymous said...

Great guns! I forgot how long your hair was.

Kudos on the marriage. It's good to see that someone I know is still happy.


Ed Yuban said...

The wife and I celebrated 13 years last monday.

What I'm really trying to say is that I'm cooler than you.