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Sunday, October 22, 2006

An Addition to the Comprehensive List of Halloween Music Played On The "Holiday Music" Radio Station ...


They're Comin' To Take Me Away: Again, why didn't I hear this on day one? Awesome! I'm still gettin' my old school Dr. Demento funk on! Sweet.

Backlot: This might not be the specific title, but its the music that plays as Ed and the cast break into the studio to steal the rubber octopus. Wow. They're expanding their usual amount of Woodian music this year.

Ghostbusters: Real good for Halloween music despite the fact that I hate this stupid, annoying ass song.

Addams Family theme: Awesome! I swear I could hear like ten people in the store snapping along.

I Put A Spell On You: this song is sung by Screamin' Jay Hawkins, a perfect name for him seeing as he doesn't sing as much as scream on the top of his lungs. He died in 2000, the same day that Charles Schulz and tom Landry died. I always find it incredibly depressing when two famous people die on the same day and only one person gets recognition. I call it a death fight and it can be deeply sad to see someone famous overlooked. Think John Ritter and Johnny Cash, both died on the same day. Cash won that day. Katharine Hepburn died and the world freaked out so much so that a day later when old school comedic genius Buddy Hacket died nobody cared. Schultz beat out Screamin' Jay and that sucks. After his death, word spread that Screamin' Jay Hawkins had allegedly fathered as many as 75 kids, so a website (which is currently down) was made called JaysKids to find all of Jay's illegitimate children to spread the royalties to his music. Incredible story, huh? I fucking LOVE Screamin' Jay. I think his voice sounds exactly like a deeper, blacker Tim Curry, which is awesome to think about. His story is in-fucking-credible. What a pimp!

My Son, The Vampire: No one remembers Bobby Sherman. He was the jewish Wierd Al twenty or thirty years before Weird Al.

Shaking All Over: Good classic rock song that only kinda makes sense.

Hotel California: Again, why didn't I hear this sumbitch on day one? Awesome!

Pink Panther theme: only makes sense if you've seen the original old school sixties movies and you remember all the crazy disguises he used to wear. But hardly anyone remembers those great, kick ass films and that's sad.

Break on Through: Whaaa????

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Marisa said...

Break on through... to the other side! It completely makes sense! And you never know, they could have played the X-files theme again instead.

And I fucking hate "Hotel California." When I'm in a place and "Hotel California" comes on, I leave the room immediately.