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Monday, October 30, 2006

Britannia Manor ...

So here's the sparknotes version of the story ... Richard Garriott, the super rich creator of the Ultima series of video games, used to spend hundreds upon thousands of dollars transforming his 4,500-square-foot mansion and the three surrounding acres (which he called Britannia Mansion) into a massive, totally free role playing haunted house adventure.

Picture a haunted house but more role playing than frights. And it also has a sweeping plot, it's full contact, it's free roaming, the characters interact with you and send you on quests, random people in your party may disappear, and you must do various physical stunts like climb up here and row across there in order to accomplish the final quest and defeat the evil satan guy in the picture over there.


And this guy used to do this every other year between 1988 and 1994 and apparently it was totally fucking AMAZING! Here's a bit of a description from the almighty wiki ...

"Only 200 guests a night were led through the manse and its grounds. People typically lined up two days in advance to get in on the adventure. The tour was free (the only cost was the wait to get in), and it was reputedly well worth the campout. Garriott himself claimed to have seen folks going up and down the line offering $1,000 for anyone who'd give up his ticket and finding no takers."

A short video documentary on Britannia Manor

A Tribute to Britannia Manor DVD review

This is a good little article from a local Austin, Texas television show about Richard Garriott and his massive estate. Check out the video clip at the end. It's presented in eye-squint-O-vision but still cool. This house is a total mindfuck even WITHOUT the hundreds of thousands of effects, what with all the secret passageways and water-squirting alligators. The clip ends with a pretty sweet little teaser glimpse of the all new Britannia Manor and what it's going to be like.

The clip says it's going to be ready in 2006 but now it looks like it will be ready in time for Halloween 2008. Man, that trip would totally be worth it.

That's Britannia Manor for you. Hope you liked it. Now here's some Halloween psyching rock, the best music you could ever steal and repost from random schmuck's blogs on hype machine ...

The Misfits: Monster Mash (live)

The Misfits: Night of the Living Dead

Donovan: Season of the Witch

REM: I Walked With A Zombie

The Ramones: Pet Semetary

Guns 'N' Roses: Welsome to the Jungle

Fiona Apple: Sally's Song

Danny Elfman: This is Halloween

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