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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Emerald and Isabela Galindo Laying Down On The Couch Right Now Watching Ed Wood ...

... Isabela drifted in and out of the movie, watching the credits, not watching for five or ten minutes, then watching this scene and not watching another. She got up to play and chase the dog but came back for Criswell's first scene. When he did the magic trick in the restaurant and everyone applauded, Bela applauded too. It was incredibly cute.

She watched it on and off but she finally sat down and watched the entire thing intently from Bela's big Bride of the Monster speech to when Ed and Kathy go into the spook house, which is when she fell asleep.

I feel strangely proud about that.

I put this movie in shortly after Natasha left the house with no warning or explanation whatsoever. I had an incredibly rough day and I was tired and sore and angry and hungry and sad. I come home wanting to kick back and relax and instead I come to a messy ass house and to a wife that says "I'm leaving for a little bit."

Yeah. A little bit. The end credits of the movie are about to start. Right now it's the bit near the end when they have all the writing about all the people in the movie and where they all ended up. Almost the end. The end credit music will be starting soon, the end freakin' credits, and I still have no idea where my wife is or where she's been or why. That kinda hurts.

I've been having some problems lately. Physical problems, health problems, stomach problems, mental problems, sleeping problems, CAR (!!!!!) problems, money problems, and I've just felt really low and down and angry and depressed. A lot.

But sitting here watching Ed Wood with my girls, this is nice, really nice. Despite my missing wife.

Emerald came in from next door and sat down on the couch to watch the movie somewhere around the Bride premiere and she has been watching ever since.

She's seen it before, though.

That is a picture of little Emerald Galindo watching Ed Wood IN ITS ENTIRETY from the opening DVD menu to the end credits on October 11th, 2004 when she was onlythree years old! She could barely TALK but she LOVED that movie. She sat there for the entire damn movie and watched the whole thing with some oatmeal and her cat Moody and she loved it. I am so proud.

That was back when we lived in the hideous black neighborhood apartment in ghetto city. This was taken a few months before one of our neighbors was shot and killed in some sort of drug related shooting. That was when we decided we HAD to move. Sure my parents didn't help us find a place, even after the next door shooting. We eventually found a place, which is where we live now, but on only my bookstore salary we can barely afford to live here.

That's a really down ending to this post. I really didn't mean for this whole thing to sound so depressing. I'm sorry. I'm just feeling very lonely and hungry and horny and vulnerable and in a quiet, introspective sort of mood.

Just shut up and let me watch Ed Wood.

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Anonymous said...

There's just word for Emerald and Isabela: Cute :-)