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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hallelujah Night ...

... if you can BELIEVE it, my family and I are right now (sigh) off to Emerald's christian private school to participate in their big Hallelujah Night party.

This is not a Halloween party. Hallelujah. It is a Hallelujah Night party. I'm going to Hallelujah Night right now. Can you believe that?

God. Me at Hallelujah Night. Wow. I'm so worried that once we get there me and my wetback, punk, angry, perverted, pussy lovin' Woodite ass is going to up and fuckin' burst into flames.

Or at the very least my tattoo will itch. Believe it or don't but my Ed Wood Saves tattoo always seem to itch really badly whenever I'm in any sort of Jesus-y function. It's probably some sort of anti-religious self defense mechanism in my blood or something.

I don't think I really need to expoud too deeply on this subject so therefore I will simply say this ... I really don't want to fucking do this. But, part of being a grown up is taking a few shots in the mouth for the sake of your kids. And this, me going to Hallelujah Night, is a real big shot in the mouth.

Wish me luck.

Wish me all the luck in the world.


gwen said...

Hope it went well, Steve. My daughter dressed up as a dead girl, son as some Naruto character, and we took them to beg for candy from strangers.

P.S. You guys need to fucking get off your asses and come over some time soon. :-)

Reverend Steve said...

I'm down with that.

Got any beer?

Natasha said...

Ah yes, true Julia style, a dead girl. She is so damn morbid. I love it.
Hope you had fun!

gwen said...

We did! It's funny because even though she was supposed to be dead, people are still all sweet to her because she's 5. "OHH, what a cute little princess!" Nevermind the dress was tattered and smudged with black.

She wound up with significantly more candy than her brother.

Dave taught her something new and oh-so-lovely. After she says thank you (I insist) at each house she then runs to the next semi-shouting "Candy candy candy!"

Damn men.