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Friday, October 13, 2006

Mundo de Rock Star ...

... the Arden Mall Barnes and Noble Series of Unfortunate Events party was an incredible success. Just picture me doing stand up comedy for two hours as kids do strange, depressing crafts. I give away a whopping shitload of free stuff and snacks and played games and talked. I was ON and it was awesome as hell. I walked away with a cocky swagger, the kind that you can only get from being on a stage in front of 50-100 people, cracking them up and making them scream for two hours. PLUS I got me my very own copy of the new book (courtesy of our community relations manager) and the new Gothic Archies cd that I've been waiting for. Awesome as hell. I was so damn good!

Now I'm here at home and I have such a mad rush of rock star adrenaline that I'm reminded of my hugely successful Harry Potter party which, just like last night, was all me, all my creation, all my idea, my complete and absolute brainchild from a mere mental image to rocking ass on my awesome little stage. I'm sitting here drinking a tall boy of Coors and listening to my wife trying to learn "Spanish for Children," which is a bit frightening.

I'm hoping that this tall boy will calm me down enough to let me go to sleep. Damn, I still have a huge ass storytime tomorrow. Hope I still have my voice.

And in poverty news, I learned tonight from Laini during a nice little heart to heart that we had before the event that in some of the much bigger stores out there the children's lead is considered and is PAID just like an actual manager but as a manager that ONLY controls one section, the children's section. That took me as a shock because I did not know that. I mean, I have never really wanted to be a manager because I never wanted to give up the amazing stuff that I love to do in kids like my Harry Potter club and my crazy ass storytimes but now I've suddenly learned that I could actually become a manager and get paid a manager's salary without doing any damn thing different.


I've heard a lot of people in the last year begging me to be a manager and it's like they've been speaking like damn Klingon or something. Now FINALLY they're speaking my damn language.

And speaking of languages and spanish, here is the trailer for Natasha and I's new obsession ... the spanish language soap opera Mundo de Fieras!

Check it out, all the lies and the backstabbing and the bad acting and the stupid ass crippled son and the two young people in love in Barcelona who are actually related and don't know it and don't forget my favorite, crappy ass evil twin with the eye patch.

It's hella funny and hella awesome! Check it ...

That's 'bout it. Death to shooshers. And Sema's.

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