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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mundo de Snicket ...

... my wife and I have gotten obsessed with a soap opera. Goddamnit we love this show! We LOVE IT!!!

Although that doesn't sound too impressive it should be noted that it's a spanish language soap opera. And we don't speak spanish.

It's called Mundo de Fieras and we were changing channels in frustration that the world series is preempting Justice on Fox when we changed channels to one of the spanish channels and came upon an awesome sight ...

It was this blonde haired, plastic surgery rich bitch reading a book and listenming to music by the pool with her beach chair turned AWAY from the pool so as not to see her CRIPPLED SON (?!?!?) playing with a origami boat by the pool. And then OOPS, the little boat fell into the pool. The kid tried to reach to get it, fails, and tries to get it with his heavy ass crutch. The kid is like 8 or 9 years old and OBVIOUSLY he falls into the pool and he's drowing and the rich bitch mom doesn't hear or give a shit.

The maid comes in, sees what's happening, and dives in, clothes and all, and saves the kid. The rich bitch thanks the maid with this bitch attitude and then sends her off which sucked because the nerdy yet attractive maid had her hella huge sweater monkeys hanging out after saving the cripple, and then the mom convinces the almost dead kid that it's his fault that he fell in because he's stupid and convinces him not to tell his dad about what happened.

Does this mean that the rich bitch mom WANT her crippled son dead?


I mean, sure I can hardly understand a damn thing but other than that it's as cool as beef on ass. I lo-o-o-o-ove Mundo de Fieras! My wife and I are watching it every night at 9pm now (except on mondays because of Heroes, which rocks ass only because of the nerdy asian guy).

We do, however, know enough spanish to know that the two people who are in love and just got engaged in Barcelona are actually brother and sister. That part was awesome as well.

The Galindo family gives a whole round of thumbs up to Mundo de Fieras. Awesome ass show. My parents would be so proud of us and our new mexico kick. We're actually going to try and watch Sabado Gigante this weekend, too. Should be a blast.

My place of work is having a huge, massive, balls out, crazy ass nutzo Lemony Snicket party tomorrow night from 6 to 8 pm in celebration of the release of the last book in the Series of Unfortunate Events.

This mofo gonna be HU-U-U-UGE!!!

Been planning it for about two months now. We got a big budget for it, too. We have awesome activities, gross snacks and a whopping poopload of stuff to give away including copies of the new cd The Tragic Treasury: Songs from a Series of Unfortunate Events by Magnetic Fields side project The Gothic Archies.

The activities, too, are designed to really mess with people. I am 100% positive we will have the BEST Series of Unfortrunate Events party ever anywhere! The best! And at least we will be the only party that has a question about Karl Marx and Albert B. Fall in with the rest of the trivia.

Our party is going to totally rock!

Here are some songs by the Gothic Archies, a little bit of CPR (concert psyching rock) for your punk ass ...

Walking My Gargoyle

Divine Comedy



Varsenik said...

The Gothic Archies are amazing. Have you heard more of Stephen Merritt's stuff? Just wow.

Reverend Steve said...
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Reverend Steve said...

Yeah. I've got four Magnetic Fields albums and that solo album he released of strange fictional broadway showtunes. That was awesome.

I'm getting the Unfortunate Events cd from a friend in a day or two. If I can find a free mp3-ripping software to download I'll put up a shiload of tracks in here.