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Monday, October 2, 2006

No Such Thing As A Day Off ...

... Emerald woke up for school this morning at 5:40 am. She used to have the hardest time waking up and I'd have to drag her out of bed at 6:30. But a week ago I had a conversation with her explaining how her mom and I wake up. Natasha is a difficult sleeper. She has a hard time waking up and it takes a few tries before she gets up. I am an easy sleeper. I spring out of bed with a smile on my face, easy as hell to wake up. Since I told her that, Emerald, who is consciously trying to be her mommy but is subconsciously growing up to be just like me, has been waking up as easy as pie, as evident with her 5:40 am wake up call this morning.

Can you believe that? 5:40 AM!!!!

So I had to wake up with her, get her some water and some breakfast, watch the yoga show with her that she likes to watch if its too early for cartoons (its cute to see her try to do the moves - incredibly funny), then when she says she's done get her to eat some more, then get her into a bath, then get her to stop playing and actually WASH herself, then get her out, then try to make her understand that she doesn't have to dry all the dolls that she brought into the bath, then dry her off and get her into her school clothes while also making coffee and trying to wake up the hard to wake up wife.

PHEW!!! It's like a daily morning marathon!

But it's not over. See, now we have to drop Emerald off at school, talk to the people in the office, go to the bank, take the dogs to the vet, pay something somewhere in some office, and, if I get the chance, rest.

There's no rest for the reverend. Seriously.

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