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Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Sad Truth About Moody Mach Two ...

This is the sad but true story of my car, my horrible, stinky, untrustworthy, hideous, absolutely shitty ass fucking car. Here goes ...

My stepdad decided that I needed a car of my own so that my wife could keep our van during the day. So he went onto graigslist, which is the worst website in the WORLD, by the way. First we get a dryer that sets itself on fire when we first turn it on and now we have Moody Mach Two. That's what I call the car, in memory of our peeing everywhere Scratchy McScratcherson cat.

So me goes on craigslist and he spent like a $500 car that runs, surprisingly, like a stupid ass $500 car. It stinks like gasoline, it shakes, it rides rough and bumpy, the engine is weak and it runs like a go-kart at Golf 'n' Stuff, you have to put all the weight in your entire body just to get it to slightly gas, and some cord is loose under the trunk that makes the engine randomly stop when the car is stationary, meaning that just to get it anywhere I have to ride both the break and the gas.

But it's a car, one that my stepdad bought for me. I can't just say thanks but the car is a horrible fucking piece of shit and I don't fucking want it. I can'y say that.

I WANT to say that. But I can't.

By the way, like the graphic I used? Yeah, I found it on google images. It's true, too. I barely have any money for food and my parents are in Arizona doing nothing. They must be tickled shit now that they have their favorite Galindo there with them. I'm supposed to be going to Arizona to spend Thanksgiving there but that's dependent on my parents getting us tickets. How much you want to bet they're too busy?


Reverend Steve said...

Also, I have yet another all new Halloween music list.

gwen said...

Steve, You know I care about you, Natasha, Emerald, and Isabela very much, right? I love you guys. I'm not at all trying to be critical because God knows I've managed to fuck myself up pretty good here and have no room to judge anyone else.

I just think you two need to sit down, figure out a plan for both of you to be working. Whether it's full time for both, or part time for her but a move to management for you. I know you have a baby to take care of, and it can be done if your schedules are worked out right. One of you can always be home.

Something has to change for you guys. The answer isn't with your parents. Yes, they are jerks who do special things for your brother and treat you like shit, but you need to find a way to dig out of your financial hole.

This isn't coming from someone who hasn't been there. I've been there most of my life. Right now I'm scared to death I'm going to not be able to pay my mortgage and lose the house. I'm dangerously close and have yet to figure a way out.

If there is anything at all that I can do to help, give me a call. I'm here for you.