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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Staged Galindo Family Pictures ...

... in this first picture, Emerald and I had already slid down the slide and were standing up and walking toward the exit but Natasha didn't get the picture she wanted and so, pissing off the toothless carney, we sat back down and pretended that we were just finished sliding so that she could get the desired shot.

"Em, why don't you cuddle up next to the cat and pretend you're asleep? It'll be cute."

In this one I wanted to show off two year old Emerald with the cast so I made her sit up and give me a mean face like she was about to hit me with the cast like "Cowboy" Bob Orton. I was interrupting Em's 40th viewing of the episode of Gilmore Girls from season one where Rory goes to the school dance with Dean. She referred to it as the Blue Dress episode because of the color dress she was wearing, not to be confused with the White Dress episode in season two, another Emerald favorite, where Rory goes to the debutante ball.

Visiting Isabela for the first time in the Nick-You (sadly without Natasha seeing as this was about fourteen hours after the c-section), I went in with my dad who was, obviously, obsessed with taking pictures of me looking at the baby. So as I was looking at our one day old baby girl in the oxygen bubble fighting back tears, my dad would be saying things like "Stevie, get in closer" which would totally ruin the otherwise tender and heartbreaking moment for me.

"Em, go and pretend to play in that puppet playset that Tere and Pepe got you."

Emerald wanted to take pictures at Disneyland, too, so we stood there and three year old Emerald moved us around and told us how we should be. Very cute picture. This is more of a posed pictures as opposed to a staged picture but it's still awesome on account of how the picture is obviously taken by three foot tall person.

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