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Sunday, October 8, 2006

Two More Days 'till WOODMAS ...

This tuesday, October 10th, is Woodmas. It is the holiest day in the Woodian calendar because it is the day that our savior, the transvestite B-movie director Eddie Wood was born. It is the Ed Wood christmas and I treat is as being on par with christmas every year.

It is a big deal for me.

It is a time for all like minded Woodites and even the casual follower of Ed Wood to rejoice, drink, smoke, be merry and spend the day celebrating the life and films of Ed Wood! It is a day to drink and eat and party and give people gifts (that may or may not be so great and do those things either big or small that you do not normally do that make you feel good. Woodmas is a day for feeling good and partying and living your life as happily as Ed Wood lived. Think of this tuesday as a second Christmas but without all that praying and church nonsense.

I love Woodmas.

That being said I have no idea what I'm going to be doing for Woodmas.

Last year we had a massive knock down drag out kareoke mad drinkfest party at the Maple Room, our Woodian dirtbar Sacrament bar of choice. I'd love to do all that again but as some of you know that idea is pretty much out. In 2004 I was overly concerned with Ed-Woodstock, our semisuccessful live event in downtown Sacarmento to have a good Woodmas.

In 2003 Natasha and I had been dating for about six months and I had fallen head over heels in love with little one and a half year old Emerald. We decided to celebrate our first Woodmas together by going to the Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo. We had fun, saw animals, rode on rides (I role all the roller coasters in between visits to animals and Emerald riding rides in their kiddy land) and had fun.

The night ended with Natasha and Em and I sitting on the floor near the entrance watching this cool green mist of green lasers and smoke. It looked amazing. We stayed there staring at it for like an hour and a half in the green colored darkness and listening to their cool Halloween mix of music (at one point they played Hell by Squirrel Nut Zippers followed by that Guns 'n Roses cover of Sympathy for the Devil and I nearly creamed myself) and drinking hot coffee and waiting for the lazer show to start ...

It was an awesome time. I wish I could do that again. But, as is the style with me and my family, we are totally broke off our ass. We can barely afford food so a big all day trip to Six Flags is completely out of the question.

Just to clarify ...

We are constantly broke because I get about $11.25 an hour for my bookstore job, a pretty good amount for what I do but not enough to feed a family as big as mine. Natasha used to work but decided she needed to stay home with our Bela once she was born and that cut our money in half. Suddenly its all on me. She's tried to do a few things but they've brought in random amounts. We were going to get something like $4,500 from taxes and that was going to coast us thru this entire year but the Department of Education took all of it to pay off student loans from my 6 years at Arizona State that my FATHER took out in MY name, leaving ME with a massive bill to the U.S. government. We just learned that the U.S. government will give us our tax return back if my father signs a letter relinquishing the bill out of my name and into his but he's been dragging his feet signing the letter and in true Galindo family he's straight up DISBELIEVING that we owe any money at all. Which pisses me off to no end. If we owe no money, then why is my family almost broke? Why are we relying on Natasha's family and the kindness of strangers? Why am I eating leftovers for days and having no money ever to do anything?

That is why we are so broke and that is why we can't go to Six Flags this Woodmas. That hurts. A lot of things have hurt recently, almost all of them revolving around money. If I have my way my wife and I would go get some dinner, a few drinks, and go see a movie. But we can't even afford that.

I just don't think I'm going to do anything this Woodmas.

But I'll try not to let that get me down.

Click here to listen to me, Reverend Steve, and my then two year old daughter Emerald singing "The Woodmas Song."

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Mia said...

hi Steve,
So, I have jobs. Small ones that would not take Natasha away from the girls. I live in West Sac now. if your interested--drop me an email