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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Calm Before The Storm ...

... this is me not thinking about it, the elephant in the bookstore that will soon make my life crazy. This is me drinking coffee and listening to my iPod and eating chips and resting my neck and taking a ton of naps. This is me not working today so that I can properly rest my seriously sprained neck and the arms I injured yesterday carrying a box so heavily filled with Harry Potter activity papers that I had no business lugging them from Kinko's to my work. This is me taking it easy so that I can survive tomorrow. This is me sleeping in until 11am with my bum neck and then taking a nap around 1pm after an amazing round of marital sex, which is ten times kinkier than all that nervous fumbling that you single people are doing. This is me relaxing and drinking coffee and watching cartoons with the kids and taking them to the river to get some fresh air and chillax and get our minds off things.

The calm before the storm.

This is me not thinking.

This is me not thinking about tomorrow. This is me not thinking about the crowds. This is me not thinking about the parking and the people and the volume and the craziness. This is me not thinking about the 1,200 people we estimate to be heading to our store tomorrow night. This is me not thinking about tomorrow when I'll be on stage in front of 500-800 people for three to four hours straight. This is me not thinking about all the things that could go wrong when there's 1,200 people in a small bookstore until 2am. This is me not thinking about doing a Captain Book adventure in front of an audience of 900 people tomorrow. This is me not thinking about being nervous. This is me not thinking about all the things I still have to do before I take the stage at 9pm tomorrow.

This is me not thinking about the midnight magic party tomorrow. MY midnight magic party tomorrow, the one that I designed, I thought up, the one that I made in my crazy manic head. In order to set our store apart from all the other stores in the area with money and a bigger store area to play with, I designed our store's party to have an individual theme. We will have a storewide scavenger hunt. When you first arrive you get sorted into a house and you get a necklace that has your house and a stamp that corresponds with when you get to be in line. The necklace also has six boxes to match the six different activity tables scattered throughout the store. There's potion making, fortune telling with the craziest tarot cards ever made, free strange fortunes, games, wand making, house badge making, photo taking, and a table with over 20 different Harry Potter activities. Each table has something free to give away, but if you get all the boxes stamped on your card you get something else free. And I'll be in kids all night giving away a ton of free stuff. And the activity tables will be closing down at 11:00pm so that our people can take their lunches, which means that everybody will have my undivided attention for my Captain Book adventure.

Click here for an awesome blog post with some incredible Harry Potter wizard rock that I've already used to fill my iPod for tomorrow (CPR, baby)

Tomorrow's the day. Wish me luck.

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