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Friday, July 6, 2007

Friday Night Pills And Booze Music ...

Primus: Those Damn Blue-Collared Tweakers

The Knockoffs: When Things Go Wrong

Jim's Big Ego: After The Tornado

Liam Lynch (creator of "Sifl and Olly"): Happening

Groovie Ghoulies: 50,000 Spaceships (Watching Over Me)

Prewar Yardsale: Sun of a Sun

The Gothic Archies: This Abyss

Throwing Toasters: Debbie - my girlfriend Debby hated this song so damn bad, I swear to Wood. I played this song so much from 2000-2002 that she wanted to kill me every damn time I played it. I just re-found it and listening to it again was like finding your favorite shirt in the closet and realizing it still fits perfectly.

Honeyspot: Radio Pop Hit Song #1

Cake: Strangers In The Night (rare)

U2: Summer Rain

Kepi (Groovie Ghoulies): When I'm Gone

Wow. A Henry Weinhard's blonde lager + a tallboy of Coors Light + allergy pills + a full dose of Effexor = Smackdown's actually entertaining.

I found a website accidentally. It's called and its the coolest, most frightening website ever made. There's video of wrestling bloopers, violent wrestling mix-ups, interview bloopers (including a hilarious one where a young WCW-era Booker T accidentally calling Hulk Hogan a nigger live during a pay-per-view that I desperately wish to post but I promised my wife I'd let her post) and just a treasure trove of hilarious and hideous crap.

I am itching to write a massive post about this awesome website (and in particular about the Mass Transit incident but I'm hopped up on happy pills and booze right now and I'm way too busy watching Reno 911, my drunken dvd of choice. There's no way I can write a massive post about this awesome ass website right now, as much as I want to. So I threw a crapload of mp3s on your lap to distract you. POOF! It worked.

So maybe in a couple of days I'll get around to posting about WrestlingGoneBad and New Jack and Mass Transit and the bowling ball and how awesome this website is. In a couple of days, I swear.

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MAD said...

Greetings, you are kinda weird, and very cool...

I just spent the last few hours going through your websites about all things WOOD, and found it an enjoyable trip.

I don't know how much you're into "conspiracy" and current events, but I hope you'll check out my site sometime. There is a lot of stuff there you might be interested in.

Likewise, I think it would be really great to interview you sometime (text interview through email). If you might be interested in entertaining this idea, please contact me at

You can find my previous interviews at the following link:

I also see you're a wrestling fan. There is a "conspiracy" thread about the death of Chris Benoit in our "mysterious deaths" section that you might find intriguing.

Anyway, yeah, some very cool stuff you're doing! Try to stay optimistic and positive. Be careful with the pillz and booze!!

Hope you'll give that interview some consideration. We could basically just cover some highlights of Ed Wood's career, and how/why you started the "church".

Best Wishes,

PS: You got a Myspace?