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Thursday, July 12, 2007

No Rest For The Reverend (part 2) ...

... the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie was a pretty big success for me. The manager of the movie theater jumped me when we were being let in a half hour early and asked me as a personal favor if I could stand up in front of the two theaters they had doing the midnight showing and have me do Harry Potter trivia and give away stuff to the sold out theaters. Obviously I jumped at the occasion. I was loud, crazy, wild and I got my wife to help me, which was the first time I ever got Natasha's help in doing any sort of storytime stuff. I was wild. I had everybody laughing and screaming and talking about how much they loved me. And I actually got 300+ people to scream "Julia, Steve Needs A Raise" in front of Julia. How awesome is that? I'm really proud of myself, being crazy Steve in front of two massive sold out movie theaters. I have that rock star feeling like mental teflon that I usually get when I'm in front of a major crowd. I've been getting that feeling a lot lately, what with my 90+ storytime last saturday and my awesome Harry Potter club meeting yesterday and today. Wow, today. Seriously. On my day off I went in to work and traveled to Howe Avenue Elementary School and do two huge storytime assemblies in front of a total of 500 kids and channel ten news. It was crazy awesome fun. Emerald came with me and she even helped me out with the stories. I was on. I was sweating like a pig and I'm totally exhausted right now but I feel like I'm becoming a local celebrity here in Sacramento and I should be on the news next week and that's sweet. And yesterday I actually got some rest. I got home from the Harry Potter club at about 8:45 pm and I sat on the couch to talk to my wife. I ate some food and read the News and Review and talked. The time was 9:15pm. The next thing I knew I was on the bed in my bedroom and Bela was rubbing her face against mine. The next thing I knew after that is waking up in the morning. I got ten hours of sleep. That's awesome. I'm almost caught up with my sleep.

I'm blowing up all over this two bit town. I totally rock ass.

Here's some nice mellow music for your punk ass ...

Beck: Sleeping Bag

Elvis Presley: Heartbreak Hotel

Milton Mapes: Lonesome Town

Honeyspot: Relay

Weezer: Island in the Sun

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