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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

No Rest For The Reverend ...

... I am running wild, running hard, running fast, running dead, running blank, running on fumes, running on empty. I honestly don't know how I'm going to survive to my mini-vacation on the 22nd. For starters, I have been up since 4:30 am this morning and I was at work at 6:50 am for a massive meeting for our store's midnight magic party to celebrate the last Harry Potter book. Then I learned that my big 500+ kids school field trip has been changed, pushed up to this thursday. I had planned on this thursday being my big day off when I could sleep in and rest. but no. I will be going to a local school and doing two big storytimes in front of something like 550 kids. So today I had to deal with that and throw together a big field trip storytime. Then I had to get TODAY'S storytime set up and in very little time as well. And today's storytime was BIG, too, with over 25 kids an 20 adults yelling and screaming and having a ton of fun. I had to spend my entire lunch break getting ready for it. No food. Then I had to cover a break, get more stuff ready for our midnight magic party, handsell, straighten the kids section, shelve yesterday's cart of kids books, shelve five frontlist carts, and get only a stitched together twenty minute break haphazardly taken in three parts. I an exhausted. How I'm going to stay up tonight I have no idea. But our store has finally reached a friendly relationship with the movie theater right next to us. Anyone who wants to go see the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie who works at our store will be able to get in for free. the one snag is that we have to be there at exactly 9:00 pm. That's three hours waiting in a theater for a midnight showing of a 138 minute long movie. And do I work tomorrow? Of course I do. There's no rest for the wicked and there's no rest for the Reverend. I have a huge Harry Potter club tomorrow that I usually take all day to get set up. What I should be doing is taking a nap. Note my use of the word should, though. I can't sleep. Instead I'm typing in my damn blog and eating ramen, my first and (probably) only bit of food all day, and re-watching the last Harry Potter movie, my favorite film and my favorite book. Then tomorrow I do the Harry Potter club, then the day after that I have a massive field trip. Then I work on friday and saturday, then it's balls out to our midnight magic party. Our store's party for the fifth book was a joke, just some coloring and me doing trivia and our crm misspelling Harry Potter characters and references. It was pathetic. Our last party for book six was to make up for the last one. It rocked. It was basically me doing stand up comedy in front of 700 people nonstop for about four hours. It was totally crazy and I was a damn rock star. But I was only allowed three people to help me. This year I created a ton of crazy silly activities and I have about twenty five people throughout the store doing my bidding as I'm on stage doing trivia and games and my own crazy stuff. Captain Book will even be making an appearance, battling Dr. Borderz. It's amazing. It's going to be huge. And it's also tiring as all hell. I'm literally running on empty. I honestly don't know how I'm going to survive these next twelve days. There's more, too. Did I mention that I'm cutting my Effexor intake in half and taking iodine pills, sending me into massive mood spirals? And did I mention that I'm having sharp leg pains, the likes of which I haven't felt since I was in elementary school? I woke up one morning during summer and I couldn't feel my legs. I couldn't move them at all, couldn't walk. The doctor told me I had a rare disease I've since forgotten but that it was probably a one time occurrence that I shouldn't worry about. I'm hoping this pain in my leg will go away but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I worry time and time again that one day I'm going to wake up and not feel my leg.

I am so tired and I'm spread the thinnest that I could ever possibly be spread.

But I also wouldn't have it any other way.

I hope the movie's good. I'll let you know. Here's some free Harry Potter music (CPR: concert psyching rock) for your punk ass (and you KNOW Wind Clan be up in dis bitch) ...

Wyrd Sisters: This Is The Night

Magic Works

Harry and the Potters: Voldemort Can't Stop the Rock

Save Ginny Weasley


johnmc. said...
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Natasha said...

No it isn't spasms. I get those, well all out muscle cramping goodness that use to make me cry. It was something so regular that I have gotten use to them and don't cry any more.
His is more a sharp stabbing pain.

johnmc. said...

On the leg pain thing... I occasionally get crazy ass stabbing pains in my lower legs - the kind that wake you up from your sleep. The doctor told me it was just muscle spasms. Try stretching out your legs and see if it helps.

(my other comment contained my password - D'oh!)