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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Random Pictures, Scattered Thoughts ...

-My wife is now an independent seller of Scentsy Flameless, Scented Candles. It's great stuff and the smells are absolutely amazing. They have changed our home lives and I really do mean that. Be sure to go to the link and check it out.

-My asthma intensified for a while there. Hell, I even had to be rushed to the hospital as a result of it. But things have cooled down a bit in the lung department now that we have brought the dog number in our house down from eight to five. Don't get me wrong. I still curse my mother every time I have to attach myself to a breathing machine just to stay alive and breathing. But at least I don't have to do that AS much.

-For no reason, the following is a HIGHLY inappropriate picture taken by a Hot Topic employee that shows another female employee hard at work. In the picture, taken without the woman's knowledge, the employee seems to be showing off a large amount of butt crack. I find this picture highly inappropriate. The photographer should have at least made sure that the photo was taken in a manner that did not show the woman's face or profile or any distinguishing characteristics. And I hope the photographer made sure, too, that he or she was not on the clock at the time he or she took said picture. Not that any of that stuff matters.

-I have two days off, but I'm getting some teeth pulled tomorrow. So yay me and my two days off, right? Ouch.

-I have been very depressed lately and it has been very difficult for me not to cut myself. I have a little bit. I seriously thought I was past this. I thought I was done with the cutting. It's all so stupid. In fact, I'm only seeing my therapist every OTHER week now (yay me) and the last time I saw her I actually made her cry because of my progress from the frightened guy after the robbery last year to the confident guy I am, or was until last week when I got in trouble over something. It was something small and personal, then I dealt with it, but way after the fact it suddenly became this big thing and now everybody knows about it. And now I'm so down and so hurt and so paranoid about everything and I just don't know what to do about it.

-The American-based Southern Brewing Company makes a seasonal Krampus beer. And that is awesome. I don't teach Santa to my kids BUT I Do teach them about Krampus! That stuff is pretty sweet if you ask me.

-A few weeks ago they showed a film version of my favorite musical Forever Plaid and even though I've seen the play live five times now, I fell in love with it all over again. I thought my kids would like it, too. Emerald spend most of her time watching it complaining about how impossible it is for four singers to die and come back to life. Yeah. She's too smart sometimes. Isabela, however, fell in LOVE with it and spent most of the film trying to copy their signature quartet singing moves ...

... and since then she has spent a huge chunk of her time memorizing and singing along to the Las Vegas revival soundtrack. Now the kids and my wife and I all have primo seats to go see the final performance of the play LIVE down by San Francisco in Burlingame. I'm excited to see it again and I'm excited to have my kids finally go out and see a REAL play, although Isabela will be the FIRST to tell you that she HAS seen a play before: she saw the kids at Hiram Johnson high school do some kids play. Yay. But these kids are totally going to fall in love with Forever Plaid like I'm in love with it. Bela's mind may very well explode. These kids are going to LOVE IT!


Anonymous said...

I love Rev Steve! Fuck that bookstopre!

Reverend Steve said...

Thank you, but I love that "bookstopre" and I want it to love me back.