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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Random Thoughts ...

-I'm not sure of this past sunday's Church-less Movie of the Week was choppy and slow for EVERYBODY or just me and my slow ass laptop. In any case, I will try and NOT showcase any more bootleg movies like I did last week. I just happened to find a copy of Cabin in the Woods and went for it. It will never happen again.

-I think Adele seems sleepy. Like, all the time really tired. Maybe she is always so sad and stuff because of a lack of rest. Maybe she just needs to get some sleep. Someone should get her a sleep number bed! I bet if she had a sleep number bed then she's be singing Monkeys songs and being all "Every morning there's a halo hanging from the corner of my girlfriend's four post bed ..."

-So a few days ago I was at Toys R' Us so I could check out the Marvel toys and wrestling stuff and see if there's any new Godzilla toys hiding in the back. And while I was there I saw a deeply disturbing dvd on sale ...

... it's the Get Along Gang. And they haunt me. See, The Get Along Gang was a cartoon from 1984. These twelve or fourteen animals meets in an abandoned caboose and have various wholesome adventures with morals attached. I am ashamed to say how much I loved this cartoon as a child. I wanted a Get along Gang doll SOOOOO MUCH as a child! But you know what I got instead? My mom came home from shopping with my brother and said that she "accidentally" bought this book at the store and decided I might "like" it, so they gave it to me. It was a Get Along Gang book about being a "crybaby." Yeah, accidentally my ASS! Fuckin' thanks, mom!

-And, in retrospect, I don't know if I EVER got that Get Along gang doll that I wanted so much. Sigh. I guess I could ebay it but how pathetic would THAT be, right?

-A few days ago we all went to Pizza Hut. All the Pizza Huts around here are sit down ones which I haven't seen since probably high school. The table in the corner was giving me the stink eye, really shooting eye daggers at me, and I was worried. When they left the douchenuggets left half of their pizza and a ton of bread sticks. So I jokingly asked if I could have a box for THEIR food. I didn't expect the waitress to say yes. So ... is that bad? Or awesome? I think it's awesome.

-Go to a mexican restaurant, ask if they have hamburgers. That is Classic Steve!

-Waaaaay back in the day (late eighties/early nineties) my older brother's older friends would call me "no book" because by the time they went to the library or bookstore to figure out how to beat a level in whatever video game they were playing I would had already beaten it. I didn't need help. I was No Book. But now i'm 35 years old and now my kids seem to absolutely NEED the internet to beat their pokemon games or their whatever games they're playing. What the hell? How have I failed them?

-My wife is going away for a week to two. She's leaving in about ten days. she's going to Vegas, not to "work" but to take part in the nation's annual Scentsy convention or, as I call it, "ScentCon Oh-Two!" I'm sad that she's going to be leaving and worried that she might get involved in Vegas "funny business." However, her mom will be going with her to ScentCon so that should alleviate any bad business that may occur. She has a "friend" in Vegas and I'm really worried that they might get together and cause a ruckus. I really hope nothing happens. That's why I think I'm going to do a few road trips with my kids while they're gone. Maybe we'll go to the National Toy And Action Figure Museum or maybe to go Norman and roller skate and then visit the James garner statue. Whatever, you know? Just something to get my mind off of Vegas and the pain.

-Ernest Borgnine is dead. So I told my daughters that Spongebob's hero Mermaid Man is dead. The look on their faces: priceless!

That's about it.

Wind Clan out.

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