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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Somebody That I Used To Know ...

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This is a true story. It's kinda sad and it's pretty lame. But it's true. It's about somebody that I used to know, somebody who will remain nameless.

I loved her.

I really did. I loved her with all my heart.

Mine was the biggest stupid crush in the world.

I remember our time at the State Fair. Just her and I and my oldest. I remember it fondly. Holding hands. Pushing the stroller. Just sitting by the fountain, holding each other while my daughter plays. It felt as if we had been together for an eternity, even though we were always with other people. She was my "alternate universe wife" and I told her as such.

I loved her.

I think she loved me too.

Then I blinked and she fucking hated me.

And it was her big fat mouth caused everybody to hate me.

Hell, I was chased out of California by a torch-wielding mob and it's all her fault. Mine, too. Sure I was at fault. But she's the one who makes everybody uncomfortable with her big mouth, always holding court by telling everyone every single uncomfortable detail of her personal life like her drugged out family and her brother in prison and everything else INCLUDING things between her and I that were in the past and should have STAYED THERE.

She loved me, then got bored of me, then hated me and ruined my good name. She somehow went from being right by my side to casually tossing me aside like a used tissue.

The thing is, though, I never stopped loving her. And now when I think back at my life in the west coast I actually have to REMIND MYSELF THAT I HATE HER NOW. And I swear to God there isn't a sadder sentence in all the world.

I wonder if she wonders how I'm doing now that I never think of her.

And also: Fuck her.

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