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Monday, April 8, 2013

Staring At The Goat ...

So we're moved into our new place now.

Yay us!


So I'm unpacking today. What fun, right?

My wife constantly accuses me of, when I am unpacking, making sure to unpack the TV and the DVD player first (!) but today, as I've been here alone unpacking, I showed my wife thing or two ... I unpacked the DVD's first! So ha!

So now we live in a town called Shawnee. It's about 4 times bigger than the last no nothing Oklahoma tiny little hickville town we lived in before, so that's good. We don't live in the best neighborhood in the world: not to be racist but I think that we're the only non black people on our street ... aaaand the people across the street own a pet goat ... aaaand there's two houses right next to us that are empty. I'm thinking of breaking into them and playing paintball. I've never played paintball before. It just sounds like its fun.

That whole racist thing, let me explain ... we have a family right next door to us and the (I'm sure) veeeeery nice african-american mom who lives there screams at her children a lot and we overheard her saying on the phone about my oldest daughter Emerald "There some white girl out here. Ain't nobody gonna play with you!"

Racist, right?

So we may have some racial issues there. But thankfully my wife and kids and I are not the most social people. We usually just stay to ourselves and not bother with other people and drama and stuff. So that's good.

It's a really different world that we live in here in Oklahoma. I've been living here for about 17 months or so and I guess I'm starting to get used to it. But every once in awhile this state throws me a curveball. Like yesterday or the day before. I think it was the day before when we were driving home. There was a horse in our yard in our driveway. Yeah. There was a horse! An actual horse! I could not believe that! That's definitely something that would never happen in freaking California, may that state rot in hell, save Disneyland.

Everybody seems to be slower here and I don't mean slower in a stupid way. It just seems as if life moves slower here and I'm trying really hard to not be in a hurry for everything like everyone was in California and and I guess the same thing in Arizona except more racist.

Like yesterday, we got some folding chairs and put them out on our porch and sat there and stared at the goat across the street.

That's all we did.

We stared at the goat.

The goat has a dog friend and it plays with the dog. It's cute. I think that it's playing. The dog runs and prances and the goat gets all pissed off and headbutts it with his huge horns. It's actually kinda cute except for, I imagine, the brain trauma that the dog must be feeling.
We sat there watching the dog and the goat play for a good half hour or 45 minutes. It was amazing. I named the goat, too. It's Go-go, as in "Go-go Para Presidente."

I'm watching 30 Rock now and unpacking.

Wish me luck with this move here.

And I will say hi to the goat for you.

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