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Friday, August 23, 2013

Job Fair (Jobs And Fairs) ...

Sorry. I know it's been a while.

It's just that hours are few and far between at work, so that means hardly any money for me and my fam. Times are tight. But, then again, that's been my life for quite some time now, right?

So what's new? Nothing much, really. Been broke. Been going to job interviews. Been cutting myself. Been manic-depressive, which is 50% awesome. So, you know, the usual.

I'm trying to see my underemployment as being a blessing in disguise because it means that I get to spend good time with my kids. My oldest daughter is developing my love for Adam Warrock music as well as my own sense of humor and smart ass'd attitude, which is funny for me but torturous for my poor wife. My youngest daughter is becoming a big reader, waaaaay ahead of her class. And Maxwell, my darling son, is about to become two. He is becoming potty trained, mostly, and he usually wants nothing more than to sit down with his daddy and watch Godzilla movies or old Ultraman episodes. It's great.

About jobs ...


I realized recently why I haven't been that successful with my job hunt.

See, Oklahoma is a small state. If you get a ticket here the ticket has your court date, the time of your court date, the judge's name you will go up against, the address of the court, directions on how to freaking get there. However, if you get a ticket in California you get nothing. Instead, they mail you your court date to your home at a later time. I guess that's because Cali is a much bigger state with about 20% of all of America's criminals.

So I got a ticket. And a month later, I got nothing in the mail.

I called the state and asked about my ticket. They said that they had no record that I got a ticket. I had them check and double check and triple check and all that. No ticket.

Then I moved.

Then, sometime during the 20+ months that I have lived in Okieville, they apparently found my lost ticket. Since I no longer lived in that state anymore, they couldn't get ahold of me to pay it.

And that, my friends, is why there is a warrant for my arrest in the state of California.

Yay for that.

Thankfully, however, my wife just landed a really sweeeeet state job that should pay enough for us to actually live above the poverty line like actual human beings. I'm pretty excited for that. This means that I will be taking care of Maxwell more and it means that we should actually be able to affors stuff like regular humans do. Maybe I can go see movies again. The last film I saw was Iron Man 3. I missed most of the rest of the summer. That sucks.

What else?

The Oklahoma State Fair is coming up.

Didn't go last year. We'll probably go this year.

It just won't be the same.

I mean, I loved the Arizona State Fair as a kid. I never missed it. And the California one is epic and it became an important part of my family's year. We would usually have season passes, pimp style.

But the okie hicksville fair?


Anyway, wish me luck.

I always need it.

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