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Friday, February 6, 2015

Status Update ...


I'm Steve.

Thought I'd update everyone on how things are going with me.

Life has been good. Everyone around me has been getting violently ill but I've somehow stayed fairly immune to most of it. Plus I was worried that January and February were going to be filled with all the snow that never showed up in December. But no. There's been no real snow. In fact, today it's a comfortable 74-degrees and sunny. We're all playing outside and having loads of fun. Good times.

Thank Wood for global warming.

Work is good.


See, my department was been doing so well that I was actually hired as the SECOND person in charge of it. The first person in charge is older. She broke her legs. Then she needed knee surgery. Then she needed eye surgery. Then her mountains of pills collided and she was put in a mental health facility. So when I was hired i hadn't seen her in MONTHS.

Then she came back and we worked together for a few weeks. Then she went back IN to the mental health facility. Then she got into a serious car accident and broke her arms. And now she's once again back in the mental health facility. It's all very stressful for me. It's strange knowing that no matter how hard I work that this isn't solely MY department, that I share it with an occasionally broken older woman who could literally show up at any time and flex her dominance over my realm, you know?

Money is tight, as it always is. Bills upon bills upon bills. The bill collectors call connnnstantly. But my wife has a good job and I'm making more and we should be getting tax relief soon so hopefully sometime soon we should be able to afford internet again.

My wife and I?


My wife and I have been dating for 12 years and this May we will have been married for a full decade. Ten years of marriage. That's pretty impressive, you know? And during those 12 years we have been everywhere, relationship wise. We've been madly in love and we've discussed divorce. We've been best friends and we've been the bitterest of enemies. We've been everywhere. And for some inexplicable reason that I know well enough not to question, Natasha and I have been doing fucking grrrrrreat lately. We've been best friends, hanging out, helping each other out, spending time together, and having a goddamn blast.

Our anniversary is May 5th.

And guess who's going to be in concert that day in downtown OKC?

Fucking Primus! In support of their new album "Primus and the Chocolate Factory" which I'm in looooooove with!

So we got our tickets today. VIP balcony seats, 21 and over. It's going to be amaaaaaazing.

So yeah.

Things are good.

They're pretty damn good.

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