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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Yes I Work Here ...

Here's some hard truths for you.

So I work at a bookstore. I am the manager in charge of the children's department.

I work very hard, I drink waaaaaay too much coffee, I know my product better than any other employee, and I've been doing storytime for over a decade. I have been with this company for over 14 years. I am a hard working, dedicated, loyal employee.

I also have brown skin and look very Mexican.

As a result of that, most of the customers that come into the store automatically assume that I don't work here.

Ok. That's not entirely true. People DO think that I work here. But, on account of the color of my skin, most of the predominantly white customers just automatically assume that I'm not a "regular" employee but instead, as fits the stereotypical designation that most white people assign Mexicans, I must work in the back or maybe I just unpack boxes or maybe I just make the displays or maybe I just count the books or, I dunno, wash the dishes or something.

A lot of people ask me "Do you work here?"

I mean, a LOT of people ask me "Do you work here?"

Seriously, a suspicioulsy LARGE AMOUNT of people ask me "Do you work here?"


It's frustrating because I'm seriously grrrrrrrrreat at my job. I'm good. I'm damn good. I'm the best there is.

But the majority of people just don't WANT me to actually do said job.

Seriously, just give the Mexican a chance.

He may surprise you.

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Jenni said...

I know I wish I lived near by so I could come to one of your story times. I am about to become a grandma for the first time. (A very young one mind you lol) and I was just looking at some of your posts on facebook thinking how great it would be to take my granddaughter to story time. My 10 year old would love it too! I can tell by your posts and videos that you are amazing at your job. SCREW those who see only color. My granddaughter in fact is half mexican and I know that is just going to make her so much more beautiful.