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Friday, November 22, 2002

Popped a few prozacs with my coffee this morning, so work was a breeze.

MOOD: happily headless

BACKGROUND: "Wonderboy" by Tenacious D

Work is just getting more and more crazy coming to Christmas and it's just going to get more stupid. More stupid customers. More ignorant a-holes. More negativity. Which is fine, because I've run the gauntles these past ten or so days. I've argued. I've vomited. I've passed out. I've cried. I almost drank myself to death. I've had to fight for myself. I've had to stand up to anger and adversity. I've had to face the other man and tell him every last shred of truth, the unadulterated facts, even the crap I've been hiding from myself. All that and I've gotten some nice sex.

So bring it on, Mr. Day-After-Thanksgiving, you little b*tch! I almost died. Bring on your holliday hell and all it's b.s. fury because what can't kill me can only make me stronger and more of a wise a**. Work aint gonna be nothin'.

This song is the best goddamm song in the entire world, damm, this rocks. Jack Black is a god, I swear to him! And you know something a bit scary? My brother, my older, more violent prone, more racist, more insensitive and hot tempered (the bizzaro Steve), he's Mister Serious-Karaoke-Guy with about thirty of his own private discs of songs in this case that he takes to the bar, right? Well, he's got everything from Metallica to P. Diddy and even, yeah, "the history of Wonderboy and young Nastyman."

Should be pretty frightening tonight. Not as scary as my Britney Spears, though, but right up there.

Are they going to be there tonight, the ex-lovebirds, my couple? Oh hell yeah. A lot of drama and tension and yelling and bickering and long walks outside and s**t, typical night at the Maple Room cocktail lounge, Sacramento, California. I love this woman, I do. I also love myself, you know, and this is a nonstop emotional roller coaster of back and forth bickering that I hope will all be worth it one day when I can honestly say that I am "with" this woman.

Never been good at this whole "being in love" thing.

Probably my parents fault. Screw them.

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