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Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Trying to get used to feeling content, which is hard considering the events of this past week.

MOOD: peaceful

BACKGROUND: Office Space

Just got off of work. I've got a cold Coke, some Burger Queen, and I'm watching a movie right now. Things are good. Things are content. I woke up happy. I spent the whole day happy. And now it's late, it's cold, it's foggy, and I'm still happy. I've been miserable for so long and what with my crying, anger-filled, almost killing myself week, God knows I deserve to feel good about myself, happy to live my life for once, goddammit.

Not sure if the Other Guy spent his evening with Bobbie, the hot/dumb chick from my work. Hope so. Goddamm I really hope they hooked up, him and Bobbie. That would make my life just so much better. Hope and pray they hooked up. And even if they didn't, no biggie. I know that they're going out drinking and singing tomorrow night.


Really damm funny how life tends to work itself out, you know?

In just a small matter of time, my life has changed so much. I went over to their place today - they're staying with a friend right now and this friend is kicking him out at the end of the month, so they're still living together, Col and Him, but only temporary - and picked her up. He was there. He knew I was picking her up and knew I was taking her out. But before her and I spent the day together, Him and I hugged, sat down on the couch, watched Tom and Jerry, had a smoke, talked about wrestling, and then I took her out for a few hours. And that was fine. I even told her I loved her in front of him. And he smiled.

And later on this week, me, my Col, and my mom are going to go see that new Harry Potter movie, maybe get a drink or two afterwards.

Today was a great day. And I had better prepare myself for many more to come.

Damm, that's cool.

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