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Friday, April 11, 2003

The Big HIM has called me today.

The Big HIM called me today about fifty times. At least fifty times, but probably more. Constantly calling. Leaving me a ton of messages. Always a phone ringing somewhere in the house, either the house phone or my own cell phone. Letting me know that he's not after me, that he's not going to come to my house and get me. He actually said that. Said that more than once, saying "Steve ... I'm not after you. If I was, I would have gotten you by now." That's an actual quote. Telling me to just answer the phone. Telling me that he just needs to talk to me.

And I never answered.

And he just called me more, called me more often, leaving me more messages, calling much more frequently. Just like before. But this time telling me that if I was a man that I would pick up the phone, that he is not going to come and get me, but I need to stop hiding from everything and just talk to him.

And I nevere answered. I didn't do shit. Usually, when he calls me like this, me and my mom look at each other and say "Well, guess Collyne's missing again" and we have a laugh. Because when the Big HIM calls me then it's usually because Collyne's ran away and he thinks that she's with me. Happened a few times before. And I figured that this is what happened this time. I mean, why is he calling. Why is he wanting to talk to me? Because she game be a birthday card?

Please stop calling me. And especially during wrestling.

I could easily live the rest of my life never speaking to you guys again. Seriously. Let's just try that out and see what happens.

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