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Thursday, April 24, 2003

My life has transformed into a boring repetition of the same old thing over and over again - and I've never been any happier.

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BACKGROUND: White Stripes "De Stijl"

For a while I was living in interesting times, always getting into adventures and fights and seductive relationships and life-threating situations where I almost died and had to deal with the police and go to court and get a temporary restraining order. It was a life lived in interesting times, every new day bringing with it a brand new adventure to live through. And I was never more depressed, more ragged, more stretched each way to my own personal limits. Friends fighting against friends, true loves turning against the ones they promised they would always love, lies, bickering, backstabbing, deceit, anger, madness, and much more assorted crazy bullshit all being tossed into a blender that seemed to be turning my life into a bad Jerry Springer rerun.

There's only so much interesting times that a shy little mexican boy like me can take before he starts to long for the sweet bliss of boredom.

Now my life is boring, repeditive, and I've never felt happier. Going to school, taking my classes, going to work, watching television, and sleeping. That's my life and goddamnit if it doesn't feel great! Yesterday, I actually woke up at noon. That was incredible! I woke up, no one wanted to kill me, there weren't any messages on my cell phone, no constant calls from some irrational angry boyfriend, no big long e-mails besides spam, no hangover because I don't drink anymore so no vague memories of the bar and bar drama and no drunk forty year old women wanting to get into my pants. Nothing. I woke up, watched television, and went to my classes. It was boring and pointless and above all, drama free, and I loved every goddamn moment of it!

A boring life free of drama is a life that's really worth living. Sitting here eating Weinerschnitzel and listening to early White Stripes and writing my great new play and letting all the bullshit drama pass me by like a calm spring breeze, the only drama coming from the squirrels outside that are angry at me for having no more peanuts for them. And I asked this great woman to go out with me and she said yes and now I have this really nice relationship with this woman named Kitty whom I really like to spend time with. A simple life, devoud of any more interesting times.

Calm. At peace. At one with my inner wetback. This is a great life right here.

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