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Thursday, July 3, 2003

After seeing a doctor this week, I am now stuck at home wirth a severe eye infection, one that not only is forcing me to miss work but one that is making me scream in pain every second my eyes are open and every second my eyes are closed.

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First off, there are a handful of people out there, not naming any names here, who are extremely upset that I haven't been talking to them, calling them, e-mailing them. It is not that I do not care. It is not that I do not like you guys. It is not that I am ignoring you. It's that I have a severe, contageous, painful eye infection that I am seeing a doctor for, that I am taking eye drops and painkillers for, that I am struggling with right now. I have spent this entire day taking pills, washing my eyes, taking my eye drops, and writhing is absolute pain. It's not that I hate you guys or that I'm an asshole. Well, actually, I am an asshole and I'm in extreme amounts of pain. So how's about that, huh?

The worst part about this severe eye infection is not that it might be contageous or that it might develope into a serious disease, but that I would have to miss work. I work hard, very hard, extremely hard, and I feel bad if I'm fucking five seconds late, let alone missing like a week's worth of work. Shit, man, that's tough. But that's the way it has to be. I mean, up to this sentance it has taken me over an hour and a half, just for this much writing. Any other time, like when my eyesight wasn't in jeopardy, this would have taken me twenty minutes or less, but now, my head always spinning, my eyesight shit, my eyes burning, I'm in serious bad shape.

But seriously, my eyes have been asking for this. My eyes have gone through so much bullshit, so much pain and suffering and drama these past twelve or so years that they've grown into eyes with a constitution the size of a castmember of Jackass, for shit's sake. My eyes used to be sensitive, but after years and years of hard, rigid contacts, then soft, then disposables, then the eye problems, the eye pains, and so much more, now that I'm a strong 26-years-old, you could spit on my eyes and then set them on fire and it wouldn't hurt them that bad. That's scary, but my eyes have been asking for this.

The worst case scenario, I lose my eyesight. Worst case scenario. Best case, I miss a few days of work, I suffer a few more days of pain, of drop dropping and pill popping, and I go back to work sometime next week, hopefully red eye-free (my eyes aren't a little bit red ... they're SPIDER MAN COSTUME red). It just sucks that I have to go through all this. I want to be out partying, watching shitty supper movies and eating Weinerschnitzaghetto and hanging out with all my homies at Empire comics (shout out to my cool comic book boyz in da hizzouse - vain attempt at being hip, part I) but instead I have to be here stranded at home struggling to open my eyes.

Wrestling had better not suck tomorrow.