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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Tired and sleepy but awake and anxious, I find myself posting in my on-line diary as a time-killer.

MOOD: tiredsore

BACKGROUND: Saturday Night Live

First off, completely random rant here ... Vin Diesel is a fucking idiot. Complete and total fucking idiot. So is the new governor of California. He can't even pronounce the word "California," yet alone run the goddamn thing. But he's California's governor because the entire state is evil and is going straight to hell. And what the !HELL! is wrong with Tina Fey's mouth? Am I the only one that notices that? Huh? It's like someone stabbed her or tried to slash her mouth with a shiv or something. Do you notice that? And every year I watch Saturday Night Live it seems to me that it was ten times funnier last year. Isn't that strange? It's like I'm trapped in this bad SNL circle where every year I like last year better, but not until the year has passed. Strange.

My life currently revolves around the following things: work, Ed Wood, old episodes of Invader Zim and Sifl n' Olly, staying sober, positive vibes, Philly Cheesesteaks at Jack in the Box, my new Gamecube, comic books, the Groovie Ghoulies, Adult Swim (especially Family Guy, Aqua Teen, Sealab, and Home Movies, the single greatest cartoon on television today), changing diapers, and being happy. That is, in essence, my entire life right now. And it's damn good!

There is no negativity in my life, all the drama washed clean from my existance, and it feels fucking great! There was a lot of drama and violence and heartbreak and drama in my life but that bullshit was way back in 2002, back when I was an unhappy, stupid idiot that was constantly running straight into a brick wall. Fell free to read the past posts if you want a spicy, lurid story. But that crap and those bastards are way back in the past and this is the last time I will ever mention them and, hopefully, the last time I will ever think of them.

My self-made religion, Woodism, is doing great! The following is taken from an article written about me on

"You can't have a debate over who's the worst filmmaker ever without mentioning Ed Wood, the director of such cult classics as Plan 9 From Outer Space and Glen or Glenda.

"The Wood opus so impressed Steve Galindo, a 24-year-old college student from Arizona, that he formed the Internet's Church of the Heavenly Wood, which claims more than 5,000 members.

"In case you're unfamiliar with Wood or the 1994 Tim Burton biopic starring Johnny Depp, in Plan 9, grave-robbing aliens raise an army of zombies to take over the Earth. The ultra-low-budget film featured cardboard tombstones, and when lead actor Bela Lugosi died four days into production, Wood replaced him with his wife's chiropractor.

"In Glen or Glenda, Wood explores transvestitism, a personal obsession.

"Some might doubt the Rev. Steve's credentials, but he's baptized more than 5,000 'Woodites' and has gone to elaborate lengths to show how Wood's alternative lifestyle and long list of failures should inspire us all to overcome our own shortcomings.

"Woodism is not for everyone, but it's helping to ensure Ed Wood's immortality, and that alone is a miracle. "

Interesting shit there, isn't it? The entire article is located right here if you want to check it out. Buck Wolf, the writer, is a good guy who has interviewed me before. Good guy, even though he's from New York. And of course, there WERE a few mistakes, like I'm 26 andf live in California, but, hey, what do you expect. He's from New York. Those people are way too busy listening to Howard Stern and yelling at each other to care about things like my age and shit.

Going to go see Primus in San Fran at the end of this month. It's strange but I still have a Phoenix mentality towards San Francisco, like it's some big 18 hour road trip to get there instead of being just over an hour away, so in my mind this is going to be huge when in fact it isn't. Strange stuff. Don't get me wrong, I miss Phoenix and my friends there, but after almost two years here, I wouldn't give up Sacramento for the world.

Britney Spears is singing a slow song. Time to try to sleep.

Monday, October 6, 2003

I don't care who hates me, who is angry at me, who disagrees with me, and what anyone else thinks about me - I have never been happier.

MOOD: happypeacefulhungry

BACKGROUND: Groovie Ghoulies "Travels with my Amp"

Last Saturday night, I, Reverend Steve Galindo, along with Mr. Lobo of tv's Cinema Insomnia, hosted a very special midnight showing of Tim Burton's "Ed Wood" at downtown Sacramento's legendary Crest theater. I was there with my lovely, wonderful angel Tash, some incredible friends from my work, and a handful of friendly, loyal followers of Woodism, and I passed out flyers and preached the wonders of Ed Wood and Woodism. And before the film I took the stage and led the audience in a Woodian prayer.

That's a big thing for me, because I am in reality a shy little guy. I don't go out too much. I'm not a club sort of guy. I don't drink, don't smoke, and I don't do drugs. My life lately is really all about video games and trying to start a family. I can be really quiet and shy in situations that are new to me with people that I don't know. So taking the stage and preaching Woodism in front of hundreds upon hundreds of strangers was a really big step for me. I was so scared. But Tash was right there the whole time holding my hand, making me realize that I have to be myself, just say "fuck you" to all the nay-sayers, including the ones inside my own head, and just be myself.

I am a different man, a happier man, a family man, and a grown-up man. I have moved on. Anyone out there who is angry with me and pissed off at me and wants to vent and rage and scream at me is just yelling at a brick wall because your petty bickering doesn't phase me one bit. Be angry with me. I don't care. No more whining here about pasy friends and lost loves and broken hearts. Fuck that crap. That is all in the past. You are all in the past. I am no longer a "get into a fight/why did she leave me" sort of guy, the last breath of me that was a sad, depressed little drinker.

I am now a "changing diapers" guy. I am now a "give the baby a bath" guy. I am now Reverend Steve, less crazy manic guy and more growing up adult guy. And I have never been happier.