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Friday, April 9, 2004


1) WWE Raw and Smackdown Plotlines - now first off, I have to say that I am a loyal, diehard fan and I always have been and I always will be. I saw Hulk Hogan wrestle the Macho Man Randy Savage at the veterans Memorial Colleseum in Phoenix, Arizona when I was a little kid and from that point on I will watch wrestling every second its on and I'll buy the occasional pay-per-view and buy a shirt or two and see them live if I can. With that out in the open, wrestling plotlines have gone from wonderful to utter crap lately and it is starting to piss me off. As a fan, I want to see wrestling and I want to see extreme sportsmanship, not people making fun of a retarded person and blatant racism. And this all started back in 2002 when Triple H, dressed as Kane, mimmicked having sex with a dead corpse on Monday Night Raw. I watch wrestling to see wrestling, not to see the overrated, overhyped Triple H fake sex with a dead body, then scoop up a handfull of meat in his hand and say, "I just screwed your brains out." It was the sickest, stupidest, most pointless thing that wrestling has ever put on the screen and the late, great Vince McMahon Sr. is obviously rolling in his grave and damning the McMahon family name for putting that shit on the tv screen. Being a lifelong fan, it takes an awful lot for me to even CONSIDER never watching wrestling again and that horrible story line brought me THIS CLOSE to turning the television set off and never watching WWE ever again.

But after that the WWE seemed to gently roll over that storyline and quietly try to forget that it ever happened. And things seemed to get a lot better. But then things happened recently. A mass firing lost some poised, young, talented wrestlers while two of their most overhyped performers, Goldberg and Lesnar, left. So things are seeming to revert back to pitiful high school-level humor and the world's most stupidest plotlines. I commend the WWE for finally putting the ball in the hands of two of their most talented and UNDERlooked performers, Chris Benoit and Latino Heat. But although Benoit faces opponents like Triple H and Shawn Michaels, Latino Heat is being held down in Smackdown by facing a low level performer whose one note song is making fun of Latino people by being racist. So, great, I tune in to Smackdown and I get to see a half hour of actual wrestling, a half hour of commercials, a half hour of horrible speeches, and a half hour of racism thanks to John Bradshaw Layfield. Who, other than dumb southern hicks with no teeth, is actually enjoying this? And why is WWE using racism to further one of their performers? Why not make Layfield a fucking KKK member and lose the badly conceived "New York millionare" facade? And what does Raw have? They have a wrestler named Eugine pretending that he's a retard. FUCK YOU, WWE! I WANT TO SEE THE HURRICANE, not people making fun of Mexicans and people pretending they're retards. Where is their collective heads? It looks like their heads are up Vince's old, trite ass.

2) J-Lo's Mom - there are a lot of reasons why you should hate Jennifer Lopez. First off, she is the first woman to ever become famous solely on the basis that she has a fat ass, a big fat brown ass. That is it. She has a really big butt. That is all she's famous for, because lord knows she isn't known for her repetative, bland, lifeless music or her piss poor acting ability. But dumb little junior high girls and ignorant white people (who should know better) just throw money at her, causing her to get richer and richer and more and more evil. Now she has become this multimillionare diva bitch whore who has lost all track of her roots and lives in a mansion completely shut off from the normal thinking people who work for a living and still have their souls. And now, this past saturday, her mother Guadalupe Lopez wins $2.4 Million dollars in a New jersey casino. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT SHIT? I think, honestly, that Bitch-Lo's mom, the mother of a millionare, winning millions of dollars on a slot while poor people struggle every day and yet still put a quarter in a slot and pray to God that they win so they can have food to eat and clothes to wear and having their prayers go unanswered, that this actually disproves the existance of God. A just and loving God would never allow J-Lo's mom to win millions. That is bullshit. That is crap. That is like the brother of Bill Gates winning the lottery.

3) Kurt Cobain - he KILLED HIMSELF and because of that one simple fact he does not deserve our praise and worship. Suddenly everyone in the whole world is sanctifying the guy and calling him a genius. Well, let me shock you - he's not a genius. If he was a genius, he's still be alive. If he was a genius, then he wouldn't have SHOT HIMSELF! A genius doesn't give up on life and take the coward's way out. A genius doesn't kill himself because he's full of pain and woe. A genius takes the pain of life and deals with it. he is not a saint and he is not an angel and he is not in heaven right and he is not a victim and he was not a tortured soul. What he was was a drug addicted singer who got famous, freak out, and killed himself and that's it. Don't compare Kurt Cobain to John Lennon. That's like comparing Evanescence to Jesus. Here's a quote from John McLaughlin, the host of The McLaughlin Group ... "Kurt Cobain will not be remembered as the John Lennon of his generation. He will be remembered as the Sid Vicious of his generation- a loser." And he is right. Just because a man was in a band that made one or two pretty good albums and then kills himself doesn't make him a genius. All he is is a sad, pathetic, deceased casualty of drugs and that's it. YOU, the reader of this angry rant, are BETTER than Kurt Cobain. You know why? Because you are ALIVE!