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Friday, August 13, 2004

I hope to GOD and ED WOOD that Natasha doesn't go out clubbing with the girls tonight.

MOOD: worriedhungrynervous

BACKGROUND: Flaming Lips "Do You Realize?"

I absolutely, positively, utterly fear the "girls night out" and so does every man, although most men simply hide it in themselves. I would imagine that, if I still had a ton of friends, that I would go out tonight and down a few tall boys with some guy friends, but that's not me. Not anymore, anyway.

This is the reason why I don't want her to go out tonight. No, that's wrong. It's not that I don't want her to go. She can if she wants. I am just afraid of her going and this is why - a man has to struggle to find someone to be with, someone to date, someone to love. It is an effort. It is work. And yet all that Natasha would have to do to cheat on me is to do is go to the club. Natasha is going to be hit on a million times by a million different guys and each and every one of them will think that she's single and that they can have sex with her.

And I have such a low self-esteem that it will be a miracle if I survive the night with all my fingernails intact.

Tonight is going to consist solely of me and the baby and my Space Ghost episodes. Maybe I'll pop in my Ed Wood DVD or my video copy of I Woke Up Early the Day I Died, get my Wood on. I can't say that I'll be alone because I'll be here with the baby, but she'll be asleep around eight or nine, so that pretty much leaves me here with three beers, two dollars, and very little food.

I DO have "Super Chunky, Extra Crunchy" peanut butter. So yay me!

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Anonymous said...

I love you, Reverend Steve. You have a good heart and a positive mind. Plus, you are sexy as fuck. I would jump your bones in a second.