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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Remaining positive and finding myself filled with coffee and happiness this X-mas season.

MOOD: coffieduphappyandhungry

BACKGROUND: loud Barbie toys

I'm here at my soon-to-be wife's parent's trailer and suprisingly I am smiling my skinny brown ass off. Sure, bad things have happened to me lately. What the fuck, man? That's life. Life is an endless stream of happiness and pain and you need to swim past the bad shit and learn to surf on the happiness. Bad things always happen and the important thing of life is how well you get back to living your life. Float on. That's what the song says. So I'm here just floating on past the sad, depressed, sitting at Denny's writing bad poetry and smoking cloves vibes of this past month and I'm just smiling, just laughing, just relaxing. Feeling life cover me like a blanket, warming me up, making me feel energized.

So now I'm finally happy with just being happy.

I'm sitting here in the computer area wearing an official "CHEAP ASS ED WOOD IS MY SAVIOR T-SHIRT" available for only $11.00 right now at Tasha bought it for me for X-mas (as a practicing Woodite, I refer to all non-Woodian holidays with an X - for example, X-Giving, X-Entine's Day, Saint X-Tric's Day, ect.) as per my wish to actually own some of the products I now sell on-line. And damn if this t-shirt isn't the coolest fucking t-shirt I own.

I am also drinking my first cup of coffee with my official "PSYCHADELIC ED WOOD IS MY SAVIOR COFFEE MUG" which is sweet because it has the web site, a drawing of Ed Wood, a picture of him, and a picture of me. I am actually on this coffee mug. Is that amazing or what? It's like I'm drinking myself.

I swear, man, I just can't believe how far my religion has come over these past eight years. Over eight years ago I was alone in a computer commons at Arizona State University creating a stupid page about Ed Wood and religion and now I'm wearing my official Church of Ed Wood t-shirt, drinking from my Ed Wood coffee mug, and waiting for the little blurb about the church to run in the March issue of Playboy magazine. That's right. THE Playboy magazine.

Life is sweet.

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