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Thursday, January 13, 2005

I've been having so many mood swings lately that you could hook me up to a generator and I could power San Francisco.

MOOD: hornytiredhornyhungryhornysleepyhorny

BACKGROUND: very loud kids

I don't know. I don't know about a lot of things lately. My life has been difficult lately, not difficult in any major sense. I've just been wrestling with my mind and my emotions lately. I've been having good days and bad days and long days and lovely days and crying days and boring days and sad days and exciting ones. My brain has been constantly on, constantly thinking, constantly focusing on the past and the future and almost never focusing on all the things I have now. It's strange. Vaguely strange. I've been very vague recently. I cry at random moments. Got to watch that.

Natasha and Emerald and I have been great. I missed her a lot for a while there what with work and everything, but things have gotten a lot better lately. Greg, the guy at work who does the schedules, likes to schedule Tasha to close on my days off just to fuck with me I guess, so I've spent two long, lonely days doing my usual Tasha-less routine of watching Space Ghost and drinking. Marisa COULD have come over and partied with Em and I but she hates us now. But now I have Natasha with me and life is good again.

I love Natasha and I love our daughter and I love my life and I would never do anything to risk that. Not too many people know ALL the blood, sweat, and beers we've been through in the almost two years that we've been together but it could easily fill up a really kick ass book. But we've survived it all and we're going to survive everything and anything else that bastard god may throw in our path just to fuck with us.