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Monday, April 18, 2005

I have this friend at work named Marisa. More of a friend, actually. She means a lot to me. Sure I love her but also I root for her. I want her to win. I want her to win the lottery or some cruise. I'm like Marisa's cheerleader. She's had a bitch of a time in the time that I've known her, always with some horrible story or some new dramatic development in her life. I call it Marisology. It's as dense as a Leon Uris novel.

The other day I somehow managed to pinpoint exactly why I feel so much love for her ... the intense sense of self-hatred and depression and suicide and that deep-seated inner longing to just go outside and kill everybody, these feelings I get when it's midnight and I'm alone and lonely and (probably) drunk watching old "Space Ghost" episodes. Well, Marisa is like that all time time! I dig that. I seriously dig the hell out of that. The way I feel about myself when I'm alone is the way she is all the time on the outside. But she doesn't let that turn her into a Charlie Bummer, either. She can be depressed and still be fun and funny and great to be with. I love Marisa.

Plus she's got nice tits.

So, anyway, she just got a new place and she got a cat as well. I went to go see her and fuck me if I don't think it looks EXACTLY LIKE MY MOM! I am absolutely serious here. My fiance love of my life darling soon to be mother of my child Natasha totally agrees with me. What's stranger than telling your fiance that your best friend's cat looks like your mom is having your fiance completely agree with you without a second thought. This fucking cat, Sophie, looks strangely like my mother.

Here is the first picture. It's from Thanksgiving 2003 at my parent's old house in Sacramento. The picture was taken at like three in the morning and Emerald, who was two at the time, somehow stayed up until like three-thirty. My mom is on the left, probably drunk ...

Ok, now, here is a picture of Sophie, Marisa's cat. To add to the shocking Steve's mom/Sophie comparasons, Sophie is laying on her back. It kind of looks like the cat is drunk ...

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Holy revolting crack popes! It's like I'm seeing double! Which one is Steve's mom and which one is Marisa's cat?! I ... AM ... CONFUSED!" Yeah, that's how I felt at first. You'll get over that in time.

CLICK HERE for more information on Steve's Mom the Cat!

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Anonymous said...

Actually, she's jumping straight up, lunging at me to get the camera string. But that's close enough.