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Monday, August 1, 2005


The GVWA (Galindo Video Wrestling Association) exists within my dusty old copy of WWF NO MERCY for the N64. It took me a good month of hardcore work to change all the characters to deceased historical figures, people I know, and mildly offensive original professional wrestlers. The matches that happen within this blog ACTUALLY HAPPEN and are written here from my own personal notes of the results (with a few small artistic licenses from yours truly). I am usually drunk when these events happen, just to let you know. Little trivia for you there. I take the GVWA ve-e-e-e-ery seriously.

Why I use NO MERCY for the N64 instead of some Playstation or Gamecube game is that 1) it allows me to change "Triple H" into "Amanda, the Office Cock Tease" and 2) it gives you the option to add possible interferance within a match and allows you to watch the computer fight out the match for you. Which I do for almost every match. So it is not that I am completely inventing everything that happens during these matches. In almost every occasion, it is the computer inventing the outcomes of these matches. I've been doing this since 1998, I believe, but now I'm finally making it out in the open and sharing this bizarre madness with the world.

I have a few new wrestlers that will be appearing sometime soon ... Dirty Sanchez, the dirty masked luchador. Amanda the Office Cock Tease, who lures men into submission with her cock teasing ways. "Intense" Ian McEwan, the guy at your work than knows more about movies and comic books than you do. Parappa the Rapper, who dances to the ring singing "Kick, punch, block!" And, my own personal favorite of the new wrestlers ... actor Josh Brolin circa the 1985 skateboarding movie "Thrashin'." I am very open to suggestions regarding new wrestlers. If YOU have a cool, funny, offensive idea for a GVWA wrestler, please post your suggestions below OR write to me at!

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