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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

We are just one day away ...

The strict on-sale date for this fetus is TOMORROW, so we are on pins and needles waiting for the last shoe to drop. Well, actually, we're hanging out, playing video games, listening to mellow music on my iPod, watching our cats kill each other, and pretending that we're both not nervous as fuck. And it seems to be working. We just had some breakfast and now my daughter is playing "Animal Crossing" and all is well with the world.

It's a beautiful fucking day today. The Rutles are playing on my iPod. "Let's Be Natural." Amazing day. I look outside the window and I can see some roses swaying gently in the breeze. I'm feeling fucking great. Just took a breathing treatment. I think I'm going to put my contacts on. Feels like a contacts day. Right now I'm missing storytime. This is my first day off during a storytime. I used to do storytimes every tuesday and saturday, and it's taking all my inner strength not to call work and ask how it's going. But I'm not going to do that on account of how pathetic it would be. Instead, I'm just mellowing out, having fun, feeling the breeze and having myself a mental cigarette. Great fucking day.

So my mother came down yesterday. She came by our house, dropped off a ton of crap (including this sweet chair), made with the small talk for a few minutes, and then had to rush because my brother had a kakeoke show and she couldn't miss it. We asked her if she wanted to go out tomorrow and do something with us and she said that maybe we could do something after her and my brother go to the movies. Whatever. I have so much baby stuff from my parents that I don't care how they treat me.

Nice chair, though. My wife is all about the chair. It rocks, literally, and so does the little footstool thing. It's super comfortable. She also brought us a ton of other stuff. My parents actually bought us almost everything we need. Which is pretty surprising. I didn't think they would come through for us but it looks like they did. Now we're unpacking, chilling out in the new comfy chair, and waiting for my dad to come down this thursday. He's pretty hardcore, so wish me luck on that.

I posted this picture the other day but I have to say something about it ... this picture was taken yesterday with our brand new digital camera which cost us a whopping $39! I can't believe that such damn good looking digital pictures can be taken with such a cheap ass camera, but they can, so all y'all with $300 digital cameras can kiss my black ass. We all woke up around ten in the afternoon and ate a massively huge breakfast. Natasha makes the world's best eggs. They are awesome! And in the piture you can see me looking for some music to listen to and Emerald is wearing her nightshirt.

And who is that on the nightshirt? It's Ed Wood. I have the greatest life in the world. And the world's greatest daughter.

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