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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

When transvestism is a valid option for straight guys ...

Being the founder of the world's first religion based on famed deceased director Ed Wood, I have fielded many questions regarding transvestism, primarily if I ever partake in it. I have probably answered that question over fifty times, usually during radio interviews with wacky morning dj's who are only interested in interviewing me for a few laughs from their clueless yuppie listeners driving to their shitty job.

I did a worldwide radio tour in 2000 when I did major interviews with over 40 radio station all over the place from San Diego to Seattle to Fargo to New York City. This was pre-9/11, mind you, and everybody except for a handfull of stations did nothing but laugh and poke fun and ridicule me and my religion (Mancow is a shitty Howard Stern ripoff and should burn in hell, the cocksucker). And "the question" would always come up.

"So-o-o-o, Reverend Steve, are YOU a crossdresser?"

Here's the answer for you ... have I ever dressed in drag? Yes I have. Hell, I'm the founder of The Church of Ed Wood, for Wood's sake! Yeah, I've done it. yeah I do it from time to time. But that does NOT mean that, like Ed Wood, I parade around in a dress and makeup. No way. I mean, I have my second child on the way. The whole "full drag" thing is not for me. I do not take transvestism as seriously as Eddie did.

But I am here to tell you, the straight men of America, not to fear panties!

Panties fucking rock! Men should NOT be afraid of panties, especially since panties are far superior to ordinary underwear. Panties come in all shapes and sizes and colors and fabrics. They are amazing. They are awesome! They feel great, comfortable and liberating. They give you a spring in your step, make you feel like a fucking rock star, and most importantly they are a viable option for straight guys who need to wear underwear but have no clean underwear.

Like me today.

Panties rock ass!

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