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Thursday, September 29, 2005

"Why the opening credits to C.S.I. are totally fucking stupid" by Steve Galindo ...

The show is centered around cops, detectives, crime scene investigators whose job it is to find the criminals, the bad guys, to find out who did it. So it is corny, hackneyed, and extremely gay to have the Who song "Who are you?" on a show where the characters are detectives trying to find out who done it. It's so freaking STUPID! Doesn't anybody else see that?

I've spent the last six months trying to think up some examples of the extreme level of stupidity that the opening credits of C.S.I. showcase. I have thought up a couple, not all of them are great, but they do a good job of illustrating my point. The first two are money in the bank, the rest are sorta clutching at straws ...

- if the theme song to Charmed was "I Put a Spell On You"

- if the theme song to the Denis Leary firefighter show Rescue Me was either "Light My Fire" or "We Didn't Start the Fire"

- if the theme song to Nip/Tuck was Motley Crue's "Dr. Feelgood"

- if the theme song to Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was the song that Scott Thompson sings in the movie "Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy" when he finally admits that he's gay

- if the theme song for Smallville was the theme song for Scrubs

- if the theme song for Lost was the Motorhead song "Lost in the Ozone" (I know that one's really reaching, but screw you, I used it anyway)

- if the theme song for Desperate Housewives was, oh, I dunno, some chick song about old bitches and how much they love botox

- if the theme song for the CBS missing persons show Without a Trace was the Dave Matthews Band song "Where Are you Going"

- if the theme song for Friends was "Why Can't We Be Friends"

I hope this list does a good job of explaining how the song "Who Are You" is an incredibly stupid, cheesy song to have as the opening credits theme song to a cop show. I rest my case. The opening credits to the show C.S.I. are totally stupid. I hope I've opened a few eyes. Go forth in peace now to love and serve the world.

Before you go, though, I snapped these pictures yesterday afternoon. It's my wife and my new two week old daughter Isabela sleeping on the big ass lovecouch that we bought from Michael Sabatini. The sunlight from the blinds - they were both asleep at three in the afternoon, showing you just how fucking awesome it is to have over a month off of work - makes the both of these incredibly beautiful pictures.

I have a wonderful life. You should all be jealous.

GVWA Deviance posts tonight, my strange fake wrestling league. Get ready for it. It's one of the best GVWA events ever. It's funny, offensive, and it's got a great sound file in the beginning. Get ready for it, seriously, one of the best. Major changes in the way for the GVWA ...

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