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Saturday, October 1, 2005

The (hopeful) Rebirth of Professional Wrestling ...

The other day Natasha and I were staying up late and Isabela just wouldn't go to sleep. So I held her, rocked her, and put on a dvd, a documentary called "The Monday Night Wars" that chronicles the heyday of professional wrestling, 1997 and 98, back when WWE was fighting with WCW. It was that constant, cut throat competition that drove each company to do their best, to be innovative and original, to be the absolute best that they could be.

That was a golden age for pro wrestling. It was when everybody knew who Stone Cold was, who the NWO were, who D-X were. It was when Mankind was a bestselling author, when The Rock was a wrestler and not an actor, it was when Hulk Hogan was still a bad guy and it was when Stone Cold and Goldberg ruled the world. It was when everybody loved wrestling. It was when you could buy a wrestling shirt at the mall ... at TEN DIFFERENT STORES! It was great. It was awesome. And sadly, it was fleeting.

WCW went out of business, in my opinion because they fired Eric Bishoff, and WWE bought out WCW. Once they did that, they stopped trying. There was no competition. They were the ONLy wrestling federation on television. And they got lazy. They stopped trying. It got stale and watered down and boring as hell. And I stopped watching. Even I stopped watching. The last time wrestling mattered was when they had a one night only ECW reunion pay per view, which was ten times better than everything WWE has done all year. This year was the first year I've not bought Wrestlemania since Wrestlemania 14. It's a dead sport. It's so dead, I've been forced to sit in front of a shitty laptop and write my own imagined wrestling federation. That's how stagnant the current state of professional wrestling is today.

Hopefully tonight that will change.

TNA, Total Nonstop Action, has its premiere episode tonight on Spike TV. I've been to their website and check out every little nook and cranny. From what I can tell, TNA is the old stars banished from WWE together with the bright new stars that WWE doesn't care about, fused with the violence that made ECW and heyday WWF so amazing. What made me watch it back in 1997 and 1998. It looks good. Damn good.

And I am hoping, no, PRAYING, that TNA is successful, that it gives WWE a run for it's money amd maked them work hard again. I'm hoping that the Monday Night Wars comes back, not as it did before, a fight every monday night for viewership, but I hope people watch TNA tonight and I hope that people who are like me who don't care about wrestling come back into the fold. Hopefully things will change. Change for the better. Change for good. Change tonight.

I'm going back to wrestling. You should, too.

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Anonymous said...

I feel the need to point this out. Wrestling is NOT a sport. A show yes, a sport no. A sport contains some sort of competition.