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Monday, October 17, 2005

Race Riot Breaks Out In Toledo ...

... oh my goodness, this must be the most exciting thing to happen in Toledo since they closed down the Frosty Freeze and got themselves a Dairy Queen, I reckon. Jesus, Toledo? Why are they having a race riot? Do they even have a Popeye's Chicken? Toledo? Do they even have cars in Toledo or are they still riding horseback? They're so backwards I wouldn't be suprised if their movie theaters just got Titanic. Man, I turned on the news and thought they were showing old L.A. riot footage, like maaybe it was a anniversary or a reunion or something.

But talk about a racial double standard, though. This is the MOTHERSHIP of racial double standards. To prove so, read the following news clipping. It hurns my head worse than hearing that Peter Jackson's releasing the two disc set of the making of King Kong BEFORE the movie's released in theaters. Listen ...

"A crowd protesting a white supremacists' march Saturday turned violent ..."

The white supremacists didn't turn violent ... the people PROTESTING the white supremacists are the ones that turned violent. Can you believe that? How horrible is that? How much does that show the ignorance of mankind? Not only is it heartbreaking but I also find that vaguely funny. These people are upset that a neo-nazi group is going to have a march ... and as a result they decide to lash out at police, throw rocks, break glass, break into houses, turn over cars, and set a block on fire. Jee, you guys sure did stick it to those nazis by setting an innocent man's bar on fire. Those jew-haters are sure to be crying in their pillows now that you've damaged property, set random fires and resisted arrest. Touche, black Toledians.

Damn, these protesters are worse than the nazis would have been. Hell, they would have just marched and been a bit loud and wore brown shirts. But the PROTESTERS were the angry violent ones. Over 100 people were arrested in Tonedo. Not one nazi was arrested, though. They were probably at home drinking sanka and watching it all on television and laughing their asses off. Damn. How much does humanity suck ass? Somebody could probably work this into an ABC afterschool special.

Speaking of afterschool specials, this reminds me of the book "The Wave" by Todd Strasser. It was first an afterschool special turned into the book. Now you can't find the special but the book is required reading for a ton of high schools. It based on a true story where the kids in the high school are learning about nazis and Hitler and they're having a hard time understanding how sompletely normal people could have easily backed such an evil man and such a murderous master plan. They think that it could never happen now. So the teacher starts an experimental youth group called "THE WAVE" and the club gains momentum. By the end of the week The Wave is basically governing the entire school. It's a frightening book about how easily the nazi party could happen again. And when nazi protesters are almost as violent as the nazis were, then it's something to seriously think about.

God I hate people sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

Holy Toledo!
That really is ironic though... or maybe retarded is a better word.