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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Signs of a Successful Woodmas Party ...

... I'm pretty sure I'm done vomiting. I should have probably EATEN sometime before drinking it up at the dirtbar last night. I feel like I've been to one of Greg's cast parties. Everything from last night exists only as hazy polaroid pictures. I vaguely remember four beers. I vaguely remember Jason buying me some shot that had the word "kamikaze" in the name, which can't be good. I vaguely remember my brother buying me some drink that was half Red Bull and half insane bloody hell ass kicking alcohol, which probably led to the unpleasant spewing on the ride home that GVWA champion "Angry" Marisa was unfortunately witness to and for that I apologize. No one should ever have to watch someone else vomit. That's just wrong. I also vaguely remember singing Barenaked Ladies with my wife and hearing about how some strange woman kissed her on the cheeks. I don't remember why. I vaguely remember getting requests after request and then finally singing my metal version of "Hit Me Baby One More Time" as the last song of the evening. OH! So THAT'S why my voice is all shit today. I was wondering why.

All in all, a kick ass Woodmas celebration with absolutely no drama. Awesome. I've been celebrating Woodmas since 1997, five of them in Arizona and four in California and three of them with my wife and daughter and one Woodmas with my incredible new daughter Isabela. I love Woodmas. It's a day to just be happy and mellow and do whatever the hell you want to. It's a joyous, liberating day.

And early this morning I was sick and dry heaving and in screaming pain and Natasha held my hair back and wiped the sweat from my face and gave me water and patted my back and told me everything was going to be okay. She took care of me. Just like in the song "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton. I always feel guilty about drinking too much, probably last remnants of my old school catholic guilt, pre-Woodism. But Natasha took care of me and didn't mind one bit. And now she's sleeping. She's been out for a few hours now. I'm just hanging out with Emerald and trying to break free from the hangover haze I've been locked in all day. Man. I have a great fucking life.

Now I can't wait until next Woodmas.

Check it out, a video journal for the making of "Clerks 2: The Passion of the Clerks!" Awesome, hilarious stuff!

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