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Thursday, November 10, 2005

GVWA News, Sizzlers, and Ob-La-Teeth ...

... it is my sad duty to announce that starting today the GVWA, the Galindo Video Wrestling Association, will be temporarily postponed for an indefinite amount of time until such a period as I have a computer that ISN'T a goddamn fucking douchebag.

Which should hopefully be in a few weeks. Former GVWA champion and big tittied bookseller "Angry" Marisa's ... well, I guess "boyfriend" ... is getting me a computer. Well, technically he's getting Marisa some mutant supercomputer and giving us Marisa's old computer which is a much better computer that the one we have, which is made out of mud and coconuts like something on Gilligan's Island. Having a computer that actually works is like a dream ... if it ever happens, fingers crossed, because our shitty laptop is so incredibly, horribly wretched that it doesn't have the internet, doesn't have spell check. Hell, it doesn't even have Word. I'm typing with WordPad, which is pretty much equivalent to carving my blog onto stone tablets.

Not having the internet or Word makes the GVWA something like ten times more difficult to keep up as it should be. That sucks, especially because I love the GVWA so much. I think it's awesome and funny and cool and a million times cooler than the current state of professional wrestling. I put my heart and soul into it and I think it shows. So it saddens me to do this but it is temporarily on hiatus until such time as I have a non-douchebag computer. Which should hopefully be soon. Hopefully the Galindo family will soon emerge from our caves and evolve us some kick ass opposable thumbs. Hopefully.

And I had an interview at work to become a department manager. I think I succeeded in explaining to them that what I will be doing as manager is essentially what I've already been doing with the children's section but on a much bigger scale. I think I am the best person for the job. I'd be a department manager and the kid's department that I currently run would be one of the sections I would oversee. Plus, I would still be able to do my storytimes and my Harry Potter club, which has been around for almost three years now. And the best part is that I would be put on salary, which would make my family's lives a million times better. Shit. I'd actually have fucking MONEY for a change. Looks like somebody's gonna be eatin' at Sizzler. Hopefully. I'll know by this sunday.

Anyway, here's some more awesome free mash-ups ...

Grandmaster Flash VS Modest Mouse

Obie Thrice VS Beatles

Eagles VS Eminem

Look at me, getting happier every day ...


MOMX7 said...

Well it will be missed I hope your computer problems work out. Good luck on your job and your daughter is a real cutie.
Warm thoughts and wishes

Anonymous said...

she looks cuter every time i see her!