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Monday, January 2, 2006

Crying baby, jammin' Emerald and the hating of Reverend Steve (and some super cute pictures) ...

"The book of Revelation predicts that in the last days there will be a flood of blasphemy and sacrilege and mental filth - and you are doing your Hell-Bound part to make the Bible even more believable by doing all your miserable corpse can to help to fulfill it. But there's nothing wrong with you that a huge earthquake or at least a bone-crunching accident can't fix!"

... some guy named Dave MacPherson (his e-mail address BTW is sent me this, I'm assuming because of my Ed Wood religion. This sort of thing happens to me all the time. I once had a church group camp out in the children's section of my work and pray for my soul. That was nice of them. I've had so many people blindly rally against me and my religion that now it just rolls off my already wet back. Just thought I'd share this one, though. Of all the ignorant Jesus-suckers who ignorantly think that they are right and everyone else is wrong, I like Dave the most so far.

So anyways, I'm still here without a computer. I've come to the conclusion that I'm never getting it back from Marisa and her boyfriend. I might as well kiss the laptop goodbye and get used to using my stepmom's crappy little computer. Which I'm doing right now. It's raining like crazy out there right now. And being from Arizona, I am deeply afraid of driving in the rain. So these past few days, this past week, I've been a brown man in edge lately. It's been crazy, the wind and the flooding. It's like hell outside.

I've been extremely down lately. I don't know why. It's probably a million different reasons. The rain and the wind, our money problems, our shitty house that won't stay clean, our newborn's tears, my complete lack of sex, my subconscious self starvation. That and a million different things. I've just been down. And Isabela won't stop crying. She's been sleeping for about an hour now. I feel bad for being happy about that.

Here's some cute pictures of happy Bela ...

So x-mas has come and past. It always makes me sad. I remember being a child and getting so incredibly excited about waking up early and opening presents and all that. But now I have to sacrifice all that so that my own children can have that same feeling. But I still miss that feeling of childhood excitement that would come from x-mas. I can almost taste it but I can't anymore and that makes me sad. But now I have to be a dad and a father and give christmas to my daughters. And that has its own rewards and tastes. It's interesting. And fun in its own way.

Guess what my parents bought Emerald ...

Yeah. A fucking guitar. Can you believe that? I'm so stressed out over money and bills and work and a newborn and a million other little things that I've had this same headache for three weeks now. My back and shoulders and neck are popping like Jiffy Pop, for christ's sake. And what do my parents do? They get my four year old a loud as hell acoustic guitar. Those fuckers.

However, I gotta say, for a four year old spazmo little girl ... she's not that bad. Wood knows that if I was four and I got a guitar I would just be strumming the shit out of that thing trying to make the loudest orgasm of noise that I possibly could. That's what I would do. And that's not what Emerald does. And that's because of my older brother Jose, a genius with a guitar. When we go over to Joe's for holidays, Emerald watches Joe play. She sees how he strums the strings and hold the guitar and all that. She when Emerald is at home playing her new guitar, she tries to mimic Joe and carefully strums it, trying to make beautiful music.

And it IS beautiful. Unlistenable, yes, but also beautiful.

Two kick ass albums ... Let Go's happy-go-rocking self titled album and the Stubbs the Zombie soundtrack, featuring modern day artists doing faithful interpretations of fifties songs. Awesome stuff.



Anonymous said...

rev steve,
i did you one better. here's macpherson's address, if anyone wants to send him a little something.

PO Box 1226, Monticello, Utah 84535

Reverend Steve said...

Wow. That's frighteningly awesome.