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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

My hungry, bratty, callless day off ...

... it's my day off. Natasha's at work. And I've been hanging out here next door all day. I know I should be cleaning up the house but it looks like shit and there's ants everywhere and we have absolutely no food save some ramen noodles and a buttload of cereal, which I can't eat for every meal like my wife does. So I've been here all day. Being at home will just make me depressed.

So I've been here with Isabela and Emerald and her cousin Deinna. But all Deinna and Emerald have been doing all day is argue. They've been fighting and hitting and screaming and bickering. I just put Isabela to sleep but she won't stay asleep for long with these two angry loud hyper diva brats laying waste to every eardrum within a five mile radius. It's driving me crazy, this being a dad thing. I don't like punishing people or getting angry or raising my voice or anything like that. But I have to. Days off like this, when I'm cleaning up the house and feeding Isabela and keeping Emerald in check, these days are ten times more stressfull than when I'm at work.

And I lost my phone a week ago. Natasha says I have to have to HAVE TO find it today but I've already looked for it everywhere three times. It's gone. That's how much of a mindless klutz space cadet I am. My phone is gone now, in some alternate universe with my last pair of keys.

God. I'm going to go home and try and clean up the damn place. Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

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