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Sunday, January 8, 2006

Reverend Steve: Sacramento's HOTTEST DJ (in an alternate dimension) ...

... so even without a computer I'm still heavily into mashups. It can be difficult to find mashups without a kazaa or some other file sharing system like that but a quick trip to or and you got yourself some sweet free mashups.

So I've got some three or four cds full of the mashups I've tripped over on the internet. Well I was driving my older brother Joe to the store as a favor and I was playing one of my mashup cds. Joe dug it and asked to borrow it so he could play it at work. Joe is a kareoke dj at the Maple Room, Sacramento's hippest smoke-filled dirtbar, a bar I used to frequent constantly and now other people seem to be frequenting it in my absence.

Anyhoo, Jow started playing the cd at the dirtbar and it received such a positive response that he then borrowed another cd of mine and started playing that one. Now Joe thinks he's this hot DJ. Joe's popularity at his job because of the mashups is huge, he's blowing up at his job and the customers are freaking out all over the place and all because of the mashups he plays ... that are MINE. Joe says that even though he plays mashups from midnight on, people will show up at the bar and wait JUST so that they can hear the mashups at the end of the night. He says that the response is HUGE and he's starting to generate this buzz for the music.

Which is mine.

I think I'm pissed off about that.

Well, here's some free mashups for you ...

Charlatans VS Jay-Z: "Stir Up Problems"

Nine Inch Nails VS Queens of the Stone Age: "Insane Medicated Hand"

White Stripes VS N.E.R.D.: "She Wants to Twist"

50 Cent VS Eric Clapton: "This Is How We Do Cocaine"

Green Day VS Bangles: "Whatsername (Susanna Hoffs)"

The White Stripes vs. Eric B & Rakim: "Pump Up the Doorbell"

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