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Friday, January 27, 2006

Some Baptismal Words of Wood ...

... I just recently, like a few seconds ago, got this thru my e-mail address. When you get baptized online into my religion, The Church of Ed Wood, you are asked to fill out an essay as long or as short as you want explaining why you want to become a legal Woodite. Here is an actual Woodian Essay from a man named Michael:

"I have been a devout Edward D. Wood Jr. follower for a
long, long time. I have seen every film available, and read every book,
mag, website, etc. devoting a chapter, a paragraph, anything to this
misunderstood and wonderful imp.
Wood's entire life, the best and worst of it, encapsulates an idea
which has been a prime motivator in my own life since childhood; Judge Not,
And Do Thy Best, Always.
Ed's Best was not good enough for some small minds, but was beyond the
reach of many, and for this he was mocked.
His life and work uplift, even as they amuse and entertain, because
they have MEANING.
Wood was a "hard-working human", to be sure, and even when life tossed
him to demons, he did his best, and smiled through tears and addiction.
He suffered, died, and was somehow resurrected, through the force and
spirit of his life's work.
He is alive, and His message lives eternally.
He gave us the demigods Tor, Bela (my patron saint!), Criswell, and so
many others.
We didn't give him the credit he so richly deserved while he traveled
this plane, but Woodism, and the kind and worthy actions of Woodism's
devotees, can praise and uplift Wood's legacy, and maybe make this place
a less judgmental, more welcoming sort of heaven.
Bless you for this site, and the message... and though I have always,
WILL always consider myself an Ed Wood Devotee, regardless of whether
this site or this religion exist... it is nice to think I have a chance
to be officially counted, among the True Faithful.
Random Rants = PULL THE STRING!!!!!!"

That is eternally awesome. And it restores my faith in my now almost ten year old religion. It shows me that I'm doing the right thing.

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