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Friday, February 24, 2006

My Own Arizona List ...

... tomorrow night my wife and I leave for Arizona. We're going there for a week to spend time with my family and check places out for a possible move. I'm excited about spending a week with my family because knowing them this means steak and beer and a lot of nights staying up late in the hot Arizona night, although they tell me its kinda cold.

My wife is looking at this trip more in a "we need to look at places and neighborhoods" sort of thing, whereas I'm looking at this trip in more of a "I work my ass off at my job I deserve a fucking vacation" sort of thing. There might be some problems there. Then there's the whole "show off my wife and family to all my relatives who are dispersed all over Arizona" thing that my parents will probably want to do (and I do, too, sort of). Not sure what we'll be doing but I know it will be fun.

But I have made a list, an absolute list of things that I absolutely NEED to do while I'm in Arizona. For strange reasons, given how skinny I am, my lists almost always somehow revolve around food. But here it is ...

- eat at Whattaburger

- go to Atomic Comics

- walk down Mill Avenue

- eat at Peter Piper Pizza

- take Emerald to the awesome huge Ren Fair

Not a big list yet, I admit. The last time we went I got a lot off my list like go to Metrocenter and drive down our old neighborhood in Glendale and stuff like that. But I'll have lots more on the list soon enough, I imagine.


Anonymous said...

Have fun in Arizona! Hope you get there and realize how great Sacramento is and decide you have to stay. (Just kidding...well, sort of. :-) )

I'm still on the tundra and have been snowed in so I'm not coming home until tomorrow night. We need to do a beer + random food night when you guys get back.

Also, how big is the hard drive on your new pc? If you can use the extra storage space the 80GB hd I have is still yours.

Anonymous said...

Steve, call me when you're here, if you're here, or if I completely missed you altogether, call me anyway 623-521-8873