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Sunday, March 5, 2006

Dave Chappelle, co-opted and defused ...

... so I just got around to reading the article about Dave Chappelle in the March 3rd issue of Entertainment Weekley. What a crock of shit. Nothing against Dave Chappelle but it's obvious that someone WA-A-A-A-AY too educated wrote this piece. It's like when a music critic is forced to write a piece about a movie and works in a reference to an obscure seventies punk band. What I'm saying is that when you're getting someone to write a piece about why Chappelle went nutso, yoy don't get a fucking SCHOLAR to write your copy. And apparently that's what Ken Tucker is when it comes to stars of the Academy Award winning historical drama Half fucking Baked.

This one is my favorite bit:

"At his most conscious stricken, Chappelle sounds as though he dreads what the African-American poet Quincy Troupe has called a reconstructed negro. That is, a black person whose opinions - particularly about the behavior of other blacks - agrees sufficiently with the white establishment's; who becomes acceptable or, in other words, co-opted and defused."

Dude, I like totally fucking TOLD you he ran off to Africa because he was like co-opted and defused, dude, that's fuckin' AWESOME!

And did my eyes deceive me or did this mofo actually just name drop Quincy Troupe in a shitty little EW piece about the man who was Ahchoo in Robin Hood: Men in Tights? No way could one man have balls that big.

I mean, co-opted, yes. Defused? Maybe.

Here is yet another frighteningly intellectual snippet from the piece:

"There's a level on which it's ludicrous to have to defend a performer for his behavior. Let's put it this way: The novelist Thomas Pynchon mostly disappeared from public sight decades ago, and by any non-snob measure, the second DVD collection of Chappelle's Show, the one in which Dave masterfully deconstructs everyone from Rick James to Lil Jon to Samuel L. Jackson, exhibits an artistry superior to Pynchon's latter-day novels Mason & Dixon and Vineland. But you don't hear anyone calling Pynchon crazy, do you?"

Ken Tucker has big fucking balls, man. Click here to read for yourself.

Co-opted and defused. What a crock of shit.

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