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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Free On-Line Mix CD: "The Cool Kids" ...

... here you go, a cool little mix cd for everybody to download and crank up and piss off your neighbors and roommates. This is all good stuff I've found on-line this past week, now passed directly on to you. Enjoy!

Home Movies: Don't Put Marbles In Your Nose

From Home Movies, the cartoon everyone should be watching, it's one of their best songs. Good way to start out.

Aggro 1: Falling Away In The Wind

It's Aggro 1, who same man who made a mashup of "Milkshake" and BOC's "Godzilla" that surprisingly didn't suck. Now he's taken the hardness of Korn and softened it with Kansas. Amazing song. You have to hear it.

Nina Gordon: Straight Outta Compton

Young sounding white girl dowing a folksey Jewel version of NWA. It goes down much easier and sincerely than it probably should, which is the magic of the piece.

Party Ben: Pump Up the Doorbell

San Francisco's own Party Ben is a mad genius. He's the guy responsible for the Green Day mashup with Oasis. He's an amazing guy and all his pieces are awesome, especially this one, White Stripes meets an eighties hip hop staple.

Ozzy Osbourne: Crazy Train

Classic. All you need to know. Classic rock.

Bass 211: 'Till the Next Tequila

It's Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg mashed up with The Champs and their classic song "Tequila" and it's absolutely frightening how well this song goes. My wife grinds up against me when it plays on my iPod. It's hot.

The Clash: Should I Stay or Should I Go

The Clash, one of the greatest bands ever, breathes new life into an otherwise dead song, making it an ass kicking bar song. Great track.

The Beastles (DJ bc): Lovely NYC

Before it went offline, the greatest mashup album was two two Beastles albums made by DJ BC. This is a fine example of his amazing work.

Blue: Country House

I heard this song in 2000. I have had this song stuck in my head ever since. If I ever see a member of Blur, I'm going to kick their nuts in for that.

Q-Unit: We Will Rock You In Da Club

Q-Unit, an amazing mashup of Queen and 50 Cent, was called one of the best mashup albums of last year by a shitload of lists. This is the finest track off the album. Insaine how well this works.

Ash: Kung Fu

Catchy little britpop song namedropping Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. This was the end credit music for the movie "Rumble in the Bronx" and it's catchy as hell. We can forgive them for being so british.

Frank Sinatra featuring The Notorious BIG: Come On (My Way of Life)

Who in the WORLD just woke up one morning and said "Hey! We should combine the music of the Notorious B.I.G. and Frank Sinatra!" Who was mad enough, batshit crazy enough to do this? And why? Well, whoever did, they're mad geniuses and should be praised.

The Stranglers: Golden Brown

It's The Stranglers and their best and most amazingly beautiful song ever, Golden Brown. But you're a movie geek so you probably know it from Snatch. And that's a shame because The Stranglers are awesome.

DJ erb: Hollaback Of Constant Sorrows

Oh yes ... I went there. (to be said like Stewie)

Marti Webb: Tell Me On a Sunday
This is honestly what I believe to be the single saddest song in the universe. It's actually from an incredibly obscure Andrew Lloyd Webber musical but don't hold that against this track. It's all about knowing you'll be with someone forever ... BU-U-U-UT ... IF he or she leaves you, you should be able to choose how and when and where. It's beautiful.

Good way to end the festivities. See you later.

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