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Monday, March 6, 2006

The Galindo Family Killing Spree - the Return ...

... despite what intelligent hardcore gamers like my friend Ian says, True Crime: New York City is a fucking awesome game! We got the game on x-mas and we've been playing it ever since, my wife and I. Yes, the Galindo family killing spree has begun once again! This time, though, Emerald is not playing. This new True Crime game is filled with ten times more violence and bad language than the last one. But don't worry. Natasha and I are killing aplenty.

First off, the soundtrack includes Danzig, Tribe Called Quest, Rob Zombie, Talib Kweli, Anthrax, Bob Dylan, Run DMC, Public Enemy, The Ramones, Redman, Iggy and the Stooges, Digable Planets, Sonic Youth, and a shitload more. It's the single greatest soundtrack in the history of video games. The variety of music is amazing. Usually you get saddled with gansga rap or ass metal. Here, you can be racing to a meth lab with a flame thrower and a motorcycle you killed a man for and "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" will be playing. Awesome.

Secondly, the violence is staggering. Just this afternoon I was walking down Times Square and for no reason whatsoever, I cut a man's leg off with a sword and then used the leg itself to beat up an old lady who flipped me off. It was awesome. And for slicing a stranger's leg off and using said leg to beat up the elderly I got a measely +3 bad cop points.

Currently I'm listening to illegally downloaded Blues Travelers and Ash while my wife is planting evidence on strangers she walks into on Christopher Street and West 4th Street.

Natasha and Steve Galindo, husband and wife and bad fucking cops!

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movietheaternow said...

I am afraid. Hey, Ash is an awesome band! I forgot about them.